After Cleaning An Oven [Guide, Problems & Solutions]

There are questions people ask after cleaning an oven. Some of them are, “can I bake after cleaning an oven” or “how long do I have to wait after cleaning an oven to use it”. Well, in this article, we will answer these questions and more.

After Self Cleaning An Oven Doesn’t Heat — Cause And Solution

If your oven doesn’t heat after self cleaning, the high temperature used during the process burned out the thermal fuse. To replace the thermal fuse in an oven,, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Unplug the oven.

Step 2: Pull out the oven and take out the screws which hold the back panel in place.

Step 3: Set the panel aside.

Step 4: Disconnect the two wires connected to the thermal fuse making sure to note where each one goes.

Step 5: Take out the screw securing the thermal fuse to the oven.

Step 6: Get a new thermal fuse and screw it to the oven.

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Step 7: Reconnect the wires to the thermal fuse.

Step 8: Position the back panel of the oven and hold it in place with the screws.

Step 9: Plug the oven back in and push it into place.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to replace the thermal fuse in an oven.

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After Cleaning An Oven FAQ

How Long After Self Cleaning An Oven Can I Cook?

You can cook in your oven, right after self cleaning it.

What To Do After Cleaning An Oven With Easy Off

After cleaning an oven with easy off commercial cleaner, you will need to heat up your oven to 300 degrees F for about 30 minutes.

How Long After Self Cleaning An Oven Will It Unlock?

Your oven will unlock once it has cooled down to room temperature. Do not try opening the door before you hear a sound indicating that the oven has been unlocked.

How Long After Cleaning An Oven Can I Use It?

Well, you can use your oven immediately after cleaning it if it was cleaned using a natural or eco-friendly method. However, if you used commercial products, you will need to heat the oven up for about 30 minutes.

What To Do After Self-Cleaning Oven Is Done

Once the self-cleaning cycle is done, you won’t be able to open the oven until it cools down. So, wait for it to cool down. After it cools down, take some damp paper towels and wipe away all the ashes in the oven.

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Can I Bake After Cleaning Oven?

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended that you heat the oven up at about 300 degrees for 15-30 minutes before doing so.

Is It Normal For An Oven To Smoke After Cleaning? 

Yes, it is. If the oven still has any chemicals from the oven cleaner that was used, it will burn it off, thus producing smoke. Do not be alarmed, after a couple of minutes, the smoking will stop.

How Long Does It Take For A Self-Cleaning Oven To Unlock?

A self-cleaning oven will unlock as soon as it has cooled down after the cycle. Once the oven has cooled down, open it and use a damp cloth to wipe away any ash in it.

Oven Is Smoking After Cleaning With Baking Soda

If your oven is smoking after cleaning it with baking soda, it probably means that there is still baking soda residue in the oven. Dip a paper towel into some vinegar and water then use it to wipe the oven interior. Use your oven as usual, the smoking should stop after a while.

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