Amana Microwave Keeps Blowing the Fuse [Solution]

If your Amana microwave keeps blowing the fuse, no matter how many times you replace the fuse, it won’t fix the problem unless you get to the root. So, before replacing the fuse, you first need to find the source of the problem. In this article, we are going to talk about why your Amana microwave keeps blowing the fuse and what to do about it.

Why Does My Microwave Keep Blowing the Fuse?

If your Amana microwave keeps blowing the fuse, the most common reason for this is the high voltage capacitor. If this component is faulty, your microwave fuse will keep blowing even if you replace it. Before you replace the capacitor in a microwave, please note that it houses a dangerous amount of electricity which could cause fatal injury or death if not discharged.

So, to avoid the risk of injury, make sure to follow every single step listed. To replace the capacitor in an Amana microwave, do the following…

Step 1: Turn off the microwave and unplug it.

Step 2: Have someone else support the bottom of the microwave as you take out the bolts which secure it to the cabinet.

Step 3: Tilt the microwave forward and pass the power cord through the hole.

Step 4: Lift the microwave from the mounting plate and place it on a towel lined sturdy surface.

Step 5: Take out the screws securing the front grille. Depending on your microwave model, there will  be 2-4 screws.

Step 6: Remove the grille.

Step 7: Open the microwave door and take out the glass tray and support if still inside.

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Step 8: Close the microwave door and set the microwave on its back.

Step 9: Use a screwdriver to take out all the screws that secure the bottom panel.

Step 10: Pull the panel away and disconnect the wires.

Step 11: Note where each wire goes on the turntable motor then disconnect them.

Step 12: Take out the bottom panel and set it aside.

Step 13: Set the microwave back on its bottom.

Step 14: Remove all the screws at the top and back of the microwave which hold the cover in place. If there are screws on the two sides of the microwave, also take them out.

Step 15: Take out the screws securing the blower cover.

Step 16: Now, remove the microwave cover.

Step 17: To avoid getting seriously injured, you will need to discharge the capacitor. Do this by placing a pair of pliers with insulated handles over the two terminals on the capacitor. When you hear a pop, the discharge is successful.

Step 18: Take out the screws which secure the inner access panel.

Step 19: Remove the access panel.

Step 20: Note where each wire goes on the capacitor then disconnect them.

Step 21: Take out the screw which secures the capacitor to the frame.

Step 22: Take out the capacitor.

Step 23: Get a new capacitor.

Step 24: Remove the mounting bracket from the old capacitor and place the new one in it.

Step 25: Position the capacitor and hold it down with the screw.

Step 26: Connect the wires back to the right terminals on the capacitor.

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Step 27: Return the inner access panel and hold it down using the screws.

Now that you have replaced the capacitor, you will need to replace the blown fuse.

Step 28: Take out the fuse. The line fuse should be located somewhere around the power cord.

Step 29: Get a new fuse and place it in the holder.

Step 30: Secure the power cord then return the microwave cover.

Step 31: Return all the screws.

Step 32: Position the blower cover and secure it using the screws.

Step 33: Rest the microwave on its back and return the panel.

Step 34: Connect the motor wires back making sure that each one is in the right place.

Step 35: Align the other wire and reconnect it.

Step 36: Position the panel and hold it in place with the screws.

Step 37: Turn the microwave back and return the front grille.

Step 38: Secure the grille with the screws.

Step 39: Position the microwave back on the mounting plate and pass the power cord through the hole in the cabinet.

Step 40: Secure the microwave to the cabinet with the bolts.

Step 41: Return the glass tray and support.

The video below will show you how to replace a high voltage capacitor safely.s

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