Frigidaire Microwave Light [Issues & Solutions]

Is your Frigidaire microwave light not working and you have no way to monitor your food as it is cooking? If this is the case, keep reading because we are going to show you how to fix a Frigidaire microwave light bulb and other light related issues.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Light Bulb

To replace a Frigidaire microwave light bulb, follow these steps…

Step 1: Turn the microwave off and unplug it.

Step 2: Take out the screws at the back of the microwave and at the right side.

Step 3: Lift the microwave cover up and set it aside.

Step 4: Discharge the capacitor to prevent injury. Do this by placing a pair of pliers on the terminals of the capacitor simultaneously. Click here to know more about discharging a capacitor.

Step 5: Disconnect the wires connected to the lamp assembly.

Step 6: Use the pliers to straighten the metal tabs in order to remove the lamp assembly.

Step 7: Remove the lamp assembly.

Step 8: Get a new one and insert it into the hole.

Step 9: Bend the tabs to hold the lamp in place.

Step 10: Reconnect the wires to the lamp.

Step 11: Reposition the microwave cover and return the screw at the right side and back of the microwave to secure.

Step 12: Plug the microwave back in.

The video below will show you how to replace a Frigidaire microwave light bulb.

Frigidaire Microwave Filter Light

If your microwave display is showing the word “FILTER”, it means that it is time to clean the filter. If you reset the message without cleaning the filter, it will keep popping up. To clean and reset the filter in a Frigidaire microwave, do the following…

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Step 1: Unplug the microwave from the outlet.

Step 2: Look underneath the microwave, there should be two filters.

Step 3: Take out the filter by pulling the tab on it.

Step 4: Do the same with the other filter.

Step 5: Place the filters in a bowl of hot water with some dishwashing soap.

Step 6: Leave the filters to soak for about 10 minutes.

Step 7: After 10 minutes, scrub the grease from the filters with a soft sponge.

Step 8: Rinse them under some cool water.

Step 9: Place the filters on a towel to dry.

Step 10: When they are dry, return them to the microwave.

Step 11: Plug the microwave back in and turn it on.

Step 12: Press the “SETUP MENU” button till the word “FILTER” appears on the display.

Step 13: Once the word “FILTER” appears on the display, press the start button to reset it.

Frigidaire Microwave Light Not Turning Off

If the light in your Frigidaire microwave just won’t turn off, the door switch may be faulty. Read this article to know how to replace the door switch in a Frigidaire microwave.

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