Frigidaire Oven Smoking [How To Fix]

If you see your Frigidaire oven smoking, there are a few possible reasons. In this article, we will talk about this problem and how to fix it.

Why Is My New Frigidaire Oven Smoking?

If you see your new Frigidaire oven smoking the first, second, or third time you use it, it’s because the factory coatings are burning off. To prevent this from ruining your food, it is recommended to “burn in” a new oven. To “burn in” a new oven, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Open the oven door and take out the racks inside.

Step 2: Also take out any other accessories in the oven or bottom drawer.

Step 3: Shut the oven door and open all the windows in your house.

Step 4: Set the oven to bake at 500 degrees F.

Step 5: Press the “Start” button.

Step 6: Leave the oven to run for an hour.

Step 7: After an hour, turn the oven off and leave it to cool down.

Step 8: Once the oven has cooled down, open the door and wipe the oven interior using a damp cloth.

Step 9: Return the rack and any other accessories you took out from the oven.

Frigidaire Oven Smoking — How  To Fix

There is more than one possible reason why you would see your Frigidaire oven smoking. Below, we have listed them and what to do about them…

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1. Oven Cleaner Residue

If you cleaned your oven recently with a chemical oven cleaner, this may be the reason you see your Frigidaire oven smoking. Any oven cleaner residue left in the oven will smoke once the oven starts to heat. To get rid of the oven cleaner residue, follow these steps…

Step 1: Get a spray bottle.

Step 2: Pour 1 cup of water and 3/8th of a cup of vinegar into the bottle.

Step 3: Shake the bottle to mix.

Step 4: Open the oven door and spray the mixture on the oven walls.

Step 5: Scrub the walls gently with a soft sponge.

Step 6: Wipe the oven with a cloth.

Step 7: Spray only water on the oven walls.

Step 8: Wipe again with a damp cloth.

2. Dirty Oven

If you haven’t cleaned your oven in a while, this may be the reason you keep seeing smoke coming from your Frigidaire oven. Any grease and food bits will burn and cause the oven to smoke while in use. Follow these steps to clean your Frigidaire oven…

Step 1: Get some baking soda and vinegar.

Step 2: If there are any major food bits in the oven, scrape them off and wipe with a paper towel.

Step 3: Take out the oven racks.

Step 4: Pour some baking soda in a small bowl.

Step 5: Slowly add the vinegar to the baking soda to form a slightly thick paste.

Step 6: Apply the paste on the oven walls making sure to avoid the bake and broil elements. Also apply the paste on the oven door.

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Step 7: Close the oven door and leave the paste to sit for at least an hour.

Step 8: After, spray some vinegar on the oven walls and door.

Step 9: Get a sponge and scrub the oven interior. Also scrub the door as well. Make sure to do this gently.

Step 10: Wipe the oven with paper towels.

Step 11: Spray some water in the oven to rinse.

Step 12: Wipe the oven with a towel.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to clean an oven.

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To clean the oven racks, do the following…

Step 1: Spread some clingfilm on a flat surface. Make sure the clingfilm is large enough to wrap the racks.

Step 2: Take out your oven racks and place them on the clingfilm.

Step 3: Get an oven cleaner like “Easy Off”.

Step 4: Spray the cleaner on the racks.

Step 5: Wrap the racks with the clingfilm.

Step 6: Leave the racks for 6 hours or overnight.

Step 7: After, unwrap the racks and place them in a bowl of warm soapy water.

Step 8: Take them out after a few minutes and rinse.

Step 9: Leave the racks to dry.

Step 10: Once the racks are dry, return them to the oven.

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The video below will give you a visual of how to clean the racks in a Frigidaire oven.

3. Too Close To The Heat

If your Frigidaire oven smokes only when you use the broil feature, it may be because the food is too close to the heat. When broiling, the food should be at least 3 inches away from the broil element.

4. Faulty Heating Element Or Elements

If you have checked all the things above and you still see your Frigidaire oven smoking, the bake or broil element may be faulty. Read this article to replace these two components in a Frigidaire oven.

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