Frigidaire Oven Thermostat [Quick Guide]

A thermostat is used in some ovens to monitor the temperature. If you would like to know how to replace a Frigidaire oven thermostat or how to calibrate it, this article is for you.

How To Replace A Frigidaire Oven Thermostat

Below, we have listed the steps for you to follow in order to replace the thermostat in a Frigidaire oven…

Step 1: Pull the oven away from the wall.

Step 2: Unplug the oven’s power cord from the outlet.

Step 3: Open the oven door.

Step 4: Take out the racks in the oven.

Step 5: On the upper back wall of the oven, you should see the thermostat rod sitting on two clips. Lift the rod up.

Step 6: Go to the oven’s rear.

Step 7: Using a quarter inch nut driver, take out the screws which hold the oven’s upper back panel in place. There should be six screws.

Step 8: Set the panel aside.

Step 9: Pull off the control knob for the oven.

Step 10: After pulling off the knob, you should see two screws. Take out these two screws using a Philips head screwdriver.

Step 11: Remove the thermostat.

Step 12: Take a picture of the thermostat to remember where each wire goes on it.

Step 13: Disconnect each wire from the thermostat using a pair of needle nose pliers.

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Step 14: Pull the thermostat rod out through the hole in the upper rear of the oven.

Step 15: Get a new thermostat.

Step 16: Insert the thermostat rod into the hole on the upper rear of the oven.

Step 17: Connect each wire to the thermostat. Use the picture you took for reference to ensure that you connect the wires to the right places.

Step 18: Position the thermostat and hold it in place with the two Philips head screws.

Step 19: Align the hole in the oven control knob on the shaft and push it into place.

Step 20: Reposition the oven’s upper back panel.

Step 21: Secure the upper back panel with the six quarter inch screws.

Step 22: Go back to the oven’s front.

Step 23: Sit the thermostat rod back on the clips.

Step 24: Slide the racks back into the oven.

Step 25: Shut the door.

Step 26: Plug the oven’s power cord back into the outlet.

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How To Test A Frigidaire Oven Thermostat

To test the thermostat in a Frigidaire oven, do the following…

Step 1: Get a multimeter.

Step 2: Turn the dial to the ohms setting.

Step 3: Touch the multimeter probes to the terminals on the thermostat. If there is a reading, the thermostat is still good. If the multimeter display doesn’t change, the thermostat is faulty and should be replaced.

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Follow the steps above if you would like to learn how to know if your Frigidaire oven thermostat has gone.

Frigidaire Oven Thermostat Calibration

Calibrating a Frigidaire oven thermostat is very simple. Read this article to learn how to calibrate your Frigidaire oven thermostat.

Frigidaire Oven Thermostat FAQ

Where Is The Thermostat Located In A Frigidaire Oven?

The main thermostat is located behind the oven control knob. The thermostat rod is located inside the oven on the upper back wall.

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