GE Oven Flame [Issues & Solutions]

If your GE oven flame is too high or low and you don’t know the cause, this article is for you. We will be answering some oven flame questions and show you why your oven flame is high.

GE Oven Flame Adjustment

If your oven flame is too high, turn the control knob to reduce it. If this doesn’t work, it is because the natural gas was improperly converted to liquid propane. Contact your gas company or installer to properly convert it. 

GE Oven Orange Flame

The orange flame in your oven isn’t actually a flame. The glo-bar igniters in the oven produce an orange light which people mistake for the flame.

Why Is My GE Oven Flame Yellow?

If your oven flame is yellow, the burner isn’t getting enough air. To fix this problem, open the air shutter.

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