GE Oven Temperature [Issues & Solutions]

If your GE oven temperature fluctuates or just isn’t right, keep reading. In this article, you will understand which of these things are normal, which need attention, and how to fix them.

GE Oven Temperature Fluctuates

This is quite normal for GE ovens. If the temperature of your GE oven is higher or lower by about 30 degrees, it isn’t a cause for alarm.

GE Oven Temperature Not Right — How To Fix

There are a couple of reasons why your GE oven temperature is not right. Below is each one and how to fix them.

The Temperature Sensor

If the temperature of your oven is not right, the temperature sensor is the first component you should check. To learn how to replace the temperature sensor in a GE oven, look at this article

The Thermostat

The thermostat in an oven has a similar purpose to the temperature sensor. To learn how to replace the thermostat in a GE oven, click here

The Control Board

The control board sends voltage to every component in an oven. So, if the control board is faulty, your GE oven temperature may be inaccurate. Click here to know how to replace the control board in a GE oven.

The Fan Motor

If the fan motor is faulty, the heat won’t circulate in the oven. This could make the temperature of the oven inaccurate. Read this article to learn how to replace the fan motor in a GE oven.

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How To Calibrate GE Oven Temperature

Calibrating your oven helps your food get cooked at exactly the right temperature as it’s supposed to be. Look at this article if your would like to learn how to calibrate your GE oven temperature.

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