GE Oven Will Not Stay On [How To Fix]

It can be pretty annoying for your oven to keep shutting off while you’re preparing a meal. So, if your GE oven will not stay on, keep reading to learn how to fix it.

GE Oven Will Not Stay On — Causes And Solution

There is more than one possible reason why your GE oven will not stay on. Below, we have listed each one.

Improper Ventilation

This is the first thing you should check if your oven keeps shutting off. If an oven doesn’t have proper ventilation, it will overheat which would cause the oven to keep shutting off. So, check if your oven is receiving proper ventilation. If it isn’t, move it.

The Thermostat

During the cooking process, the thermostat monitors the temperature of the oven and turns it on and off to maintain the right temperature. Before you replacing the thermostat, you need to ensure that the oven isn’t shutting off as part of the process. If the oven gets very hot before shutting off, the thermostat is faulty and will need to be replaced. Read this article to learn how to replace the thermostat in a GE oven.

The Heating Element

The heating element in your oven may also be the reason it keeps shutting off. When this component fails, the oven will keep shutting off. Look at this article to learn how to replace the heating element in a GE oven. Click here to learn about the heating element in an oven. If your GE oven still shuts off after replacing these components, it would be best to call an electrician.

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