Hotpoint Oven Smells [Proven Solutions]

If your Hotpoint oven smells like burning plastic or gas, keep reading. We will talk about the causes of these issues and what to do about them.

Hotpoint Oven Smells Like Burning Plastic — How To Fix

Most times, ovens smell like burning plastic because they are new. If your Hotpoint oven is new, the factory coatings should be removed. This is done by “burning in” your oven. Follow these steps to “burn in” your oven…

Step 1: Open the oven door.

Step 2: Take out the racks and any other accessories in the oven.

Step 3: Close the oven door and turn it on.

Step 4: Set the oven to about 550 degrees F.

Step 5: Leave the oven to run for 45 minutes to an hour. Make sure all the windows in your house are open.

Step 6: Turn the oven off and return the racks.

The video below will talk about the new oven smell and what to do about it.

If your oven is not new and it smells like burning plastic, some of the inner components are failing. It can be difficult to diagnose the problem so contact a technician.

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Hotpoint Stove Smells Like Gas — How To Fix

If your Hotpoint oven smells like gas, the first thing you should do is turn it off and shut off the gas supply. Ventilate your home to get rid of any gas. Below we have listed the reasons an a Hotpoint oven would smell like gas.

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1. Faulty Igniter

Once the oven igniter starts to fail, it won’t ignite the gas sent to it through the safety valve. If your oven igniter is faulty, it will glow a bit but not ignite the gas. Read this article to replace the igniter in a Hotpoint oven.

2. Safety Valve

The safety valve sends gas to the igniter. So if it fails, gas could leak from it. Follow the steps below to replace the safety valve in a Hotpoint oven…

Step 1: Unplug the oven’s power cord.

Step 2: Shut off the gas supply.

Step 3: Pull out the oven’s bottom drawer and set it aside.

Step 4: Take out the screw which holds the safety valve shield in place.

Step 5: Remove the shield.

Step 6: Disconnect the wires from the safety valve.

Step 7: Take out the nut which holds the gas tube to the safety valve.

Step 8: Take out the screws which secure the safety valve.

Step 9: Remove the safety valve and get a replacement.

Step 10: Position the safety valve on the burner tube.

Step 11: Return the screws which secure the safety valve.

Step 12: Secure the tube to the valve with the nut.

Step 13: Connect the wires to the safety valve.

Step 14: Reposition the safety valve shield.

Step 15: Hold the shield in place with the screw.

Step 16: Slide the oven’s bottom drawer back.

Step 17: Plug the oven back in.

Step 18: Turn on the gas supplier.

3. Gas Leak

If replacing the safety valve and igniter doesn’t fix the problem, there might be a gas leak. Contact your gas supplier to determine if this is the case.

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