How Does An Electrolux Oven Work? [Detailed Guide]

How does an Electrolux oven work? This is probably a question you have asked yourself at some point.  So, if you would like to satisfy your curiosity, this article is for you.

How Does An Electrolux Oven Work?

Gas Electrolux ovens and electric Electrolux ovens work differently. Below, we talk about the two different ovens and how they work.

How Does An Electric Electrolux Oven Work?

There are three major components used in an electric oven. They are the control board, bake element, and broil element. These three are the major heating components. Electric ovens use either a temperature sensor or thermostat to monitor the oven’s temperature. If your oven uses control knobs, it probably uses a thermostat. However, if your oven is control based, it probably uses a temperature sensor.

The oven uses 240 vac to operate. The electrical outlet has two legs of voltage, each one holding 120 vac. The control board usually regulates the first leg of voltage. The other leg of voltage is sometimes regulated by the control board or is continually present on one side.

When the bake function is selected, the control board gives a signal to one or both legs of voltage to travel to the bake and broil elements in order for them to heat. While the oven is heating up, the temperature sensor or thermostat monitors the temperature to ensure the oven doesn’t exceed or go lower than the set temperature.

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Once the sensor or thermostat senses that the oven has reached the set temperature, the voltage to the heating elements is shut off by the control board. Once the oven’s temperature reduces, the sensor sends a message to the control to resume sending voltage to the heating elements. This happens throughout the baking process for your food to cook at the right temperature.

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The video below talks about how an electric range works.

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How Does A Gas Electrolux Oven Work?

There are three main components in a gas oven. They are the control board, igniter and safety valve. Depending on your oven model, a temperature sensor or thermostat is used to monitor the oven’s temperature. If your oven is control based, it uses a sensor. If your oven is switch based, it uses a thermostat.

Once the bake function is selected by the user, 120 volts of alternating current (or vac) is sent from the control board to the igniter. The igniter and safety valve are connected. So, as the igniter heats up, it draws amps from the safety valve. There is a bi metal arm in the valve that reacts to the igniter’s heat. Once the igniter draws sufficient amps from the valve, the arm opens up to release the gas from the safety valve into the burner tube.

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The gas passes through the tube till it gets to the igniter. Since the igniter is extremely hot, it immediately ignites the gas causing the oven to heat up. The sensor or thermostat monitors the oven’s temperature. Once the oven reaches the temperature set by the user, the arm in the safety valve closes to stop sending gas to the igniter. This repeats throughout the cooking process in order for the oven to maintain the right temperature.

The video below talks about a gas range oven and how it works.

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