How To Make Banana Chips In The Oven

How to Make Banana Chips in the Oven
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Hey, before we plunge into how to make banana chips in the oven, let’s back up a bit. Why are we bringing bananas to the oven today?

Everyone needs some snacks. Maybe not a need but we all like to dig into some simple food when binging on a movie, sitting out with friends, reading a book, or out for a picnic. But the fear of taking in too many calories or carbs is a barrier to fulfilling this desire. That’s why we want those banana chips.

On the list of fruits and snacks that are great for consumption, this yellow tender fruit comes high. It’s a choice that every age can make. So, it fits in as a family snack. It’s often affordable and available. Plus, it can be eaten in a variety of ways in its raw form, as a puree and as cooked food.

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of banana? Of course, if you are not a fan of this fruit you’ll want to pass. That may not be necessary because you may just find out why you should add this to your list of edibles. Here are those pointy reasons why you should consider following any one of the banana chips recipes that we’ll describe later in this article.

Why Eat Bananas?

Carbs. Even though a lot of people are mortified by the idea of eating carbs because of their health, there is really such a thing as healthy carbs. Carbs that are rich in fiber, like vegetables and bananas, fall into this category. They are fit for people who want to lose weight. They are also fit for people who have type 2 diabetes (as recommended by a doctor).

Bananas fall into the group of low-carb fruits. It gives you just enough carbs not to blow up your carbs’ needs for the day. If you’re eating it raw, you don’t have to finish one at a time. Stored in the fridge, half a finger is sufficient for your snack need.

Fiber. Low-carb fruits like banana have much fiber to satisfy part of (about 10%) our day’s need. Fiber helps with proper bowel movement and health. This way our bodies can properly digest food and remove the excess. But that’s not the end.

Fiber helps to maintain the health of our hearts by regulating blood pressure. It reduces the risk of diabetes in people that are healthy by removing the chances of ingesting too many calories. That’s because a few fingers of banana make one feel satisfied. The number of calories in these fingers are usually very few and this as well helps with weight loss.

Potassium. If you want a functioning heart, eat potassium. If you need potassium, eat a banana. They help to control your blood pressure by removing excess sodium. They also help those blood vessel walls relax. Lower blood pressures mean lower chances of coming down with a stroke.

Potassium in your bones means stronger bones. They help keep your muscles fit so your entire body structure remains solid, interact well with your nerves, and move with ease. In fact, almost every cell in the human body needs potassium.

Prebiotics. You know how we all need some bacteria in our bodies to protect us from the very dangerous ones? Yes, the human digestive system has those bacteria that are said to be friendly. We need a certain amount of them to keep away diarrhea and other digestive issues. Those good bacteria are called probiotics.

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Some foods help us produce as many probiotics as we need. Those foods are called prebiotics. Banana gives us prebiotics making them a good friend of our digestive system.

We also need prebiotics (actually, probiotics) to treat UTIs and yeast infection, reduce lactose intolerance, and alleviate some allergies.

Vitamins. Bananas are rich in vitamins like B6, and C. Everyone needs about 75mg of vitamin C every day. Bananas supply up to 10mg of that need. This helps to strengthen our immune system. Vitamin c also dissolves free radicals in the human body, thereby saving us from many health problems.

Pregnant women need Vitamin B6 for their babies’ brains to develop properly. But they aren’t the only ones that need it. Children do, older people do. Research shows that if we eat a lot of vitamin B6 (our bodies don’t produce them), we reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in old age. This vitamin also helps to keep us in a good mood.

Recovery. If you work out a lot, try eating bananas every day. They help the muscles to recover from these activities. And if you have a good habit of drinking a lot of water, your muscles will see even better improvement.

Bananas for Breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast is a way to set yourself up for a productive day. It’ll help you think clearly by supplying your brain enough energy to stay alert. It’ll also reduce the urge to have a lot of food later in the day. Of course, for those trying to lose weight, breakfast is the way to start your day.

Because bananas give the feeling of fulness after a few bites, they are great for breakfast. The many vitamins that we get from it add to the reasons why it makes it to the breakfast table.

Imagine having potassium, vitamins B6 & C, fiber, and prebiotics in the morning before you start your day. You are full and fit to face the challenges of the day. No concern about gaining weight from one meal, smart brain cells, relaxed blood vessels cum pressure, and a healthy digestive system.

What other benefits do you see come from eating bananas? Share them in the comment section.

Are Banana Chips as Healthy as Fresh Bananas?

Simple answer? No. But they are better than most snacks you can lay your hands on.

Just like most dried fruit, the amount of nutrient reduces so that you have to eat more to get the same quantity of nutrients that you’ll get from one fresh finger. The major concern of eating banana chips is the process of preparation.

Often, food companies and chefs make these crunchy chips by frying them in fat. This multiplies the number of calories in the innocent yellow fruits. Besides, they are often doused with sugar which can be unhealthy when taken in large amounts. Already, that’s a put off for people who are watching their weights or on a health plan.

That said, banana chips are still a good source of potassium, fiber, vitamins. Baked in the oven, you eliminate using fat for cooking it. This takes care of added calories. Doused in lemon juice, the amount of nutrients spikes even higher.

Lemons have a good amount of fiber, vitamin C, and water. The fat content, alternatively, is minimal. Combined with bananas, they make very healthy snacks. They also help to replenish the potassium content in the banana chips.

So, we can say that banana chips are great for snacks. When they are baked, they are even better. And where’s a better place to get those baked banana chips than your kitchen? You are sure of the process you put into making your own chips, so you don’t bother about how healthy it is.

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Now, let’s make those banana chips. [You will also love how to make French Fries in the Oven]

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Baked Banana Chips Recipe

Baking banana chips do take a couple of hours. And if they’re unripe, it’ll take even longer because you have to soak them on a lemon solution for 2 hours before you start baking. This is why most people focus on baking ripe bananas. They should only be slightly ripe for the best results. Over-ripe bananas will be soggy and take much longer to bake properly.

The major ingredients are lemon and banana. However, you can include a bit of seasoning like cinnamon and honey. Lemon helps preserve the banana and prevent it from turning black because of the heat of baking. It also adds a slightly tangy taste to the chips. Other flavors only serve to improve the taste of the chips.

What You Need

2 good fingers of banana (just ripe)

Lemon juice

1 tsp cinnamon


Time Estimates

Preparation Time         15 mins

Cooking Time                2 hrs.

What to Do

First, get a large baking sheet that allows you to bake the chips on one layer. Lay it over with parchment paper and spritz some cooking spray over it. Keep it ready.

Slice your bananas as thinly as possible. If you’re using a measurement, the slices should be about a one-tenth inch thick. Arrange the chips on the baking sheet to sit alone, touching the parchment paper and not another slice. Now brush your lemon juice over the slices and sprinkle the cinnamon powder when you are done. Sprinkle some salt – just enough to spike the taste. Less is more, do not over-salt the slices.

Preheat your oven while brushing the banana slices to 225oF. Then put the baking sheet in the oven and bake for about an hour 30 minutes. Check on the baking slices at this point. If they permit, flip the slices and keep baking. If not, bake some more and check again. Bake until the slices are completely dried (not burnt).

Remove the bananas and allow them cool. They crisp as they cool but if this isn’t happening, put them back and bake a while longer (10 to 15 minutes).

When the chips are dried, cool, and crisped, put them in an air-tight container. Take the much you need to eat per time – an ounce or two.

Serving Your Baked Banana Chips

To eat your banana chips, serve some on a plate, and take it to your reading spot. That’s awesome. But sometimes you want to spike your snacks with something worthy. You just want that awesome feeling that comes from having something luscious trail down your throat.

Or you choose to serve chips for breakfast. You need an accompaniment for a filling meal. Remember your brain needs all the energy it can get, and you don’t want to end up eating more food than is necessary for the day. What will you serve with your chips?

Banana Chips in the Oven
Mallory Dash,

Banana Chips Bread and Coffee for Breakfast

Make your flourless banana bread with the peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, ripe banana, and banana chips. It’ll excite your buds and fill your belly, so you have a great start in your day. It’s easy to make, and you won’t remember that you skipped flour in the recipe. While the initial bread uses fresh banana slices for topping, we’re replacing them with banana chips.

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 What You Need

4 fingers of Fresh ripe bananas

1 cup of chocolate chips

1 cup of peanut butter

2 cups of oats

1 cup of banana chips

Time Estimate

Preparation Time               10 mins

Cooking Time                       30 mins

What to Do

Put your peanut butter, oats, and fresh bananas in a blender. Blend them just smooth with the oats crushed. Combine some of your chocolate chips into the paste.

Now, turn the paste into a baking sheet spritzed with cooking spray and lined with parchment paper. Heat your oven till 350 degrees F then top the batter with banana chips and the remaining chocolate chips. Put the baking sheet in the oven now and cook for some 30 mins.

Insert a toothpick in the middle. If it comes out clean, your bread is cooked. Remove it and let it cool before you serve.

A cup of coffee will pair excellently with this tender, moist loaf. If you have leftovers, put them in an airtight dish and store in the fridge. Heat it up in the microwave when you’re ready to serve it again.

Banana Chips Snacks Remake

Turn your banana chips into something more interesting. Serve any of these variations to the movie group or at your family fun time. Even the kids will love to have a good portion. And, they’ll be asking you for more!

Spiced Banana Chips

This works with both sweetened and unsweetened banana chips. It’s also very easy to put together – just toss those chips in a mix of spices and, voila!

For a regular-sized bowl full of chips, mix about half a teaspoon of black salt, dried mango powder, chili powder, cumin powder, and pepper powder in a little dish. Dust the mixture over the chips then toss them over. Serve with a glass of cold juice during summer and with a cup of tea if the weather is cold.

Banana Chips in Caramel

Dip your chips in a good caramel of sugar and milk. Caramel rarely goes wrong in any baked food, and banana chips are certainly not an exception. The process is exciting and simple, so you’ll be done in no time.

In a small saucepan put 2 tbsp of milk cream and 3 tbsp of sugar. Melt these together on low heat, and your caramel is ready. Now dip your chips in the thick liquid, in little batches, and serve.

Banana Chips and Dip

It’s not only baked chicken tenders and baked French fries that deserve a sauce dip. Banana chips can have their own share. And if you’re feeling creative, make a simple sauce yourself.

In a deep dish put some sauces (Worcestershire sauce and BBQ sauce will be fine), chili flakes, mayonnaise, chopped tomatoes, and olive oil. Combine them all properly and serve with your chips.

Cheese-fried Banana Chips

If you can tolerate a little extra fat, this is for you. It’s amazing. The cheese coating infuses new tastes in the simple snacks, so it’s more appealing to consume.

Place a saucepan with 3 tsp of olive oil on medium-low heat. Put some chili flakes and oregano in it and turn the heat off. Throw in 2 tbsp of cheese spread, combine them till they form thick mix. Add in the chips (make sure the mixture is still hot). Serve.

Pickle-baked Banana Chips

Bring your love for Indian pickles into your baked banana chips. This works with any pickle that you choose (try mango pickle). This is irresistible so you’ll love it.

Coat the chips in the pickle sauce then bake for 4 to 5 mins or until the pickles are dried. Serve with mayonnaise as a dip.

Have fun!

Banana chips are a great snack even though it takes a bit of time to completely bake. If you consider the health benefits of leaving out the fats, you see that the baking time is totally worth it. So, go ahead and follow the recipe described here to prepare your chips – no need to get it off the shelf.

And if you need some extra spike, recreate the chips in any of the 6 ways described here. And if you have other ways that you remake your chips, go ahead and share your idea.

Did I mention that you can eat your chips in yogurt? Coarsely mash the chips or use them whole. Stuff them into your yogurt and consume before they totally melt. Enjoy!

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