How To Start An LG Oven & Solutions To “Start” Issues

Do you want to know how to start an LG oven or is the start button not working? Keep reading to learn about these and more.

What Does Delay Start Mean On An Oven?

Delay start is an oven feature which enables you to set the time of day and temperature you want to cook your food. When the time of day set has been reached, the oven automatically turns on and starts cooking your food. This feature can be used to get your meal ready by the time you get home.

How To Start An LG Oven

To use the delay start feature on an LG oven, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Turn the oven on.

Step 2: Select the desired cooking function. For instance, “Bake”, “Conv Bake” or “Conv Roast”.

Step 3: Press the “Start Time” button.

Step 4: Using the “+” or “-”buttons, set the time you want the oven to turn on. If your control panel has a numeric key pad, use the numbers to set the start time.

Step 5: Press the “Start” button. The oven will turn on when the time you set has been reached. Note that the length of time for your meal to cook can’t be set so you will need to monitor the food.

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The video below will give you a visual of how to use the delay start feature of an LG oven.

LG Oven Remote Start

In order to use remote start, your LG oven needs to be connected to WIFI. Read this article to learn how to connect your oven to WIFI.

LG Oven Start Button Not Working — How To Fix

If the start button of your LG oven is not working, the control panel should be replaced. This article shows you how to replace the control panel of your LG oven.

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How To Turn On Self Clean LG Oven

To use the self clean feature of your LG oven, do the following…

Step 1: Take out any accessories in the oven such as the racks.

Step 2: Close the oven door.

Step 3: Open all the windows in your kitchen to ensure the smoke that comes from the oven during the self cleaning process isn’t trapped.

Step 4: Turn on the oven.

Step 5: Press the self clean button once for the oven to run for two hours, twice for three hours, and thrice for 4 hours depending on how dirty your oven is.

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Step 6: Press “Start”.

Step 7: Once the self cleaning cycle is over, do not touch the oven. Leave it to cool down before doing so.

Step 8: Once the oven has cooled down completely, open the door and wipe the interior with a damp cloth.

Step 9: Return the racks and other accessories to the oven.

Step 10: Close the door of the oven.

The video below will show you how to use the self clean feature in an LG oven.

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