LG Oven Igniter [Issues & Proven Solutions]

Is your LG oven igniter not turning on and you would like to know how to fix it? In this article we will talk about LG oven igniter problems.

LG Oven Igniter Not Working — How To Fix

There is more than one possible reason why your LG oven igniter is not working. Below, we have listed each one and the solution to them.

Gas Supply Exhausted

While this may seem very obvious, your gas supply is the first thing to check so that you don’t end up wasting your money. Try turning on the burners. If no one turns on, your gas supply has probably been exhausted. Buy more gas then try lighting the oven again. If your LG oven igniter doesn’t light still, keep reading.

The Safety Valve

If the safety valve is faulty, it won’t release gas to the igniter in order for it to light. To test and replace the safety valve in an LG oven, do the following…

Step 1: Unplug the oven or switch off the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Shut off the gas supply to your oven.

Step 3: Turn the oven and take out the screws which hold the lower back panel in place.

Step 4: Remove the back panel and set it aside.

Step 5: Note where each wire is connected to on the safety valve. Take a picture of the safety valve to make it easier for yourself.

Step 6: Disconnect the wires connected to the safety valve.

Step 7: Using an adjustable wrench and a 9/16th inch wrench, take out the nuts which secure the gas tubes to the valve.

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Step 8: Take out the screws holding the safety valve to the oven.

Step 9: Carefully pull out the safety valve from the tubes.

Step 10: Test the safety valve using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, get a new safety valve.

Step 11: Position the safety valve on the oven and insert the tubes into it.

Step 12: Secure the safety valve to the oven using the screws.

Step 13: Thread back the nuts. Do not tighten them too much.

Step 14: Using the picture you took for reference, reconnect all the wires back to the safety valve.

Step 15: Reposition the lower back panel of the oven.

Step 16: Hold the panel in place using the screws.

Step 17: Plug the oven in.

Step 18: Turn on the gas supply.

Keep reading if your LG oven igniter still isn’t working.

The video below will walk you through the process of replacing the safety valve of an LG oven.

The Control Board

The control board in an oven controls every component. So if the board is faulty, the safety valve will not get the message to let gas through in order for the igniter to work. To replace the control board in an LG oven, follow the steps below…

Step 1: Turn off the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Take out the screws holding the upper back panel and the brackets underneath it in place.

Step 3: Remove the brackets and the panel.

Step 4: Disconnect the wires connected to the control board. Note where each one goes by taking a picture of the control board.

Step 5: Disconnect the control board wires from the relay board and power supply board.

Step 6: Remove the screws holding the control board in place.

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Step 7: Get a new control board and screw it into place.

Step 8: Reconnect the wires to the relay board and power supply board.

Step 9: Connect the wires back to the right places on the control board.

Step 10: Return the upper back panel and the brackets underneath it.

Step 11: Secure them using the screws you removed earlier on.

Step 12: Switch your circuit breaker back on.

If you would like a visual of how to replace the control board in an LG oven, watch the video below.

The Igniter

If replacing the components above didn’t fix the matter, the igniter is faulty. Follow these steps to replace your LG oven igniter…

Step 1: Unplug your oven.

Step 2: Turn off your oven’s gas supply.

Step 3: Open the oven door and remove the racks.

Step 4: Flip the hinge locks and lift the door off.

Step 5: Take out the screws which secure the bottom panel of the oven using a Philips head screwdriver.

Step 6: Lift the panel out of the oven.

Step 7: Take out the three screws holding the burner shield.

Step 8: Remove the burner shield.

Step 9: Using a 5/16th inch nut driver, take out the two screws which secure the igniter to the oven.

Step 10: Pull the igniter out and disconnect the wire connector.

Step 11: Get a replacement igniter.

Step 12: Connect the wire plug to the igniter.

Step 13: Position the igniter and secure it using the two screws.

Step 14: Return the burner shield to the oven and the screws which hold it in place.

Step 15: Reposition the bottom panel and secure with the screws.

Step 16: Insert the hinges on the oven door into the slots in each side of the oven.

Step 17: Lower the oven door and flip the hinge locks back.

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Step 18: Return the rack to the oven.

Step 19: Close the oven door and plug it back in.

Step 20: Turn on your oven’s gas supply.

The video below will walk you through the process of replacing an LG oven igniter.

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How To Test An LG Oven Igniter

To test your LG oven igniter, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Get a multimeter.

Step 2: Turn the multimeter to the continuity setting.

Step 3: Touch the two multimeter probes to the two terminals of the igniter. If there is continuity, the igniter is still good. If there is no continuity, the igniter is faulty and should be replaced.

The video below will give you a visual of how to test an LG oven igniter.

LG Oven Igniter Location

The igniter of an LG oven is located underneath the bottom panel and burner shield in the oven. The igniter is at the left side.

LG Stove Igniter Keeps Clicking — How To Fix

To stop your LG stove igniter from clicking, follow these steps…

Step 1: Remove the cap of the clicking burner.

Step 2: Get a cotton bud and dip it in some alcohol.

Step 3: Clean the igniter thoroughly with the alcohol.

Step 4: Also clean the surrounding area of the igniter.

Step 5: Clean the burner cap with the alcohol.

Step 6: Leave the cap and igniter to dry completely.

Step 7: Once they are dry, return the burner cap.

Note: The igniter of your LG stove keeps clicking because there is moisture. IF there is no moisture, the igniter will stop clicking.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to stop your stove igniter from clicking.

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