LG Oven Is Not Maintaining Temperature [Why & Solutions]

If your LG oven is not maintaining temperature and you don’t know how to fix it, keep reading to know the cause and solution.

LG Oven Is Not Maintaining Temperature — How To Fix

If your LG oven is not maintaining temperature, it may be because one or more components in the oven have failed. We have listed each one below and the likely solution…

The Relay Board

A faulty relay board may be the reason your LG oven is not maintaining temperature. Follow these steps to replace your LG oven’s relay board…

Step 1: Turn off the oven.

Step 2: Pull the oven away from the wall

Step 3: Unplug the oven from the outlet.

Step 4: Take out the screws which hold the upper back panel of the oven in place.

Step 5: Take out the screws which secure the metal brackets underneath the upper back panel.

Step 6: Remove the brackets and the upper panel.

Step 7: Disconnect all the wire plugs on the relay board. Note where each wire goes first.

Step 8: There will be three or more screws securing the oven relay board. Take them out

Step 9: Remove the relay board from the control assembly and get a new one.

Step 10: Secure the new relay board to the control assembly using the screws you removed earlier on.

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Step 11: Reconnect all the wire plugs to the relay board. Make sure you connect them all to the right places.

Step 12: Position the upper back panel and return the screws which secure it.

Step 13: Return the metal brackets and secure them using the screws.

Step 14: Plug the oven into the outlet and push it back to the wall.

If you would like a visual of how to replace an LG oven relay board, watch the video below.

LG EBR74164805 Genuine OEM Relay Control Board for LG Range/Stove/Ovens

The Sensor

The temperature sensor is another possible reason why your LG oven is not maintaining temperature. To replace your LG oven’s temperature sensor, follow these steps…

Step 1: Pull the oven away from the wall and unplug the power cord.

Step 2: Open the door of the oven.

Step 3: Remove the oven racks.

Step 4: Remove the two screws securing the temperature sensor to the oven’s back wall using a Philips head screwdriver.

Step 5: Pull the sensor out of the hole.

Step 6: Disconnect the sensor’s wire connector.

Step 7: Get a replacement sensor.

Step 8: Take the sensor to the oven and reconnect the wire connector.

Step 9: Push the sensor into the hole.

Step 10: Secure the sensor with the two screws.

Step 11: Return the oven racks.

Step 12: Plug the oven cord in and push it back to the wall.

Watch the video below if you would like a visual of how to replace the temperature sensor in an LG oven.

DG32-00002B Oven Temperature Sensor Range Thermistor,Compatible with Samsung and LG - Replaces DG32-00002A EBG61305805 6322B62214A PS4240743 PS11732697 by TOMOON

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The Heating Element

This is the final possible reason your LG oven is not maintaining temperature. Read this article to replace the heating element in an LG oven.

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How Does An Electric Oven Regulate Temperature

An electric oven regulates temperature using the thermostat. As the oven heats up, the thermostat monitors the temperature. When the right temperature is reached, the thermostat switches the oven off. Once the oven’s temperature reduces a bit, the thermostat turns the oven on again. This happens throughout the cooking process to ensure your meal is cooked at the right temperature.

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