Magic Chef Microwave Turntable [Issues Solved]

While your microwave will still operate if the turntable doesn’t turn, you will most likely end up with food that is unevenly cooked. If you would like to know how to fix a Magic Chef microwave turntable, keep reading.

Magic Chef Microwave Turntable Is Not Turning

There are a couple of reasons why your Magic Chef microwave turntable might stop turning. We will list each one and how to fix them.

The Turntable Motor

To replace a Magic Chef microwave turntable motor, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: First, turn the microwave off and unplug it from the outlet. Take out the glass tray.

Step 2: Underneath the microwave, you will see the turntable motor access panel. Snip the two top tabs of the panel.

Step 3: Bend the turntable motor access panel back to gain access to the turntable motor.

Step 4: Take out the screw which secures the turntable motor to the microwave.

Step 5: Disconnect the turntable motor wire connector.

Step 6: Using a multimeter, test the turntable motor for continuity. If there is none, replace the motor. Click here to know how to test a microwave turntable motor using a multimeter.

Step 7: Get a new motor and connect the wire connector to it.

Step 8: Align the motor and secure it with the screw.

Step 9: Snip the other two tabs of the access panel.

Step 10: Rotate the panel and insert the small tabs into the opposite side.

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Step 11: Get a screw and use it to secure the access panel.

Step 12: Plug the microwave back in.

The video below will walk you through the process of replacing a Magic Chef microwave turntable motor.

The Drive Coupler

Another thing to make your Magic Chef microwave stop turning is a damaged drive coupler. Open the microwave door and take out the glass tray. Pull out the drive coupler and closely inspect it for any cracks. If the coupler appears damaged in any way, replace it.

The Glass Tray Support

Your Magic Chef microwave turntable may also have stopped turning because of a damaged tray support. Carefully take out the glass tray. Closely inspect the support for any kind of damage. If the support is damaged, replace it.

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