Microwave Door [Problems & Solutions]

Let’s say you have a microwave door that won’t shut or a door that has a broken handle. If you have any microwave door problems, you have come to the right place. In this article we are going to talk about microwave door problems and what to do about them.

Microwave Says Door and Won’t Start

Your microwave is displaying the “Door” message because the door has been closed for over five minutes without the microwave being started. This happens to prevent you from starting the microwave accidentally. To start the cooking process, simply open the door then close it. Afterwards, press the “Start”.

Microwave Door Condensation

Condensation forming within the microwave is normal. More so if you cook food that has high water content. The condensation will clear over time, but if you want to speed up the process, leave the microwave door open.

Microwave Door Doesn’t Close

If your microwave door doesn’t close, the door latch is broken. In order to close the door, you will need to replace the door latch. To do this, follow these steps…

Step 1: Turn the microwave off.

Step 2: Using a flathead screwdriver, gently pry out the frame around the door. Don’t remove the whole frame from the door or else it will be hard to put back.

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Step 3: Lift the door latch up then take it out. If the spring comes out with it, hook it back.

Step 4: Get a new door latch and hook it to the spring.

Step 5: Lift the latch up to put it in the hole the previous one was in.

Step 6: Snap the door frame back.

If you would like a visual on this repair, watch the video below.

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How Do I Know If My Microwave Door Switch Is Bad

To check if the door switch in your microwave is bad, do the following…

Step 1: Turn off your microwave and unplug it.

Step 2: Take out the screws on the sides and back of the microwave.

Step 3: Lift up the microwave cover and set it aside.

Step 4: Behind the control panel, you will see the door switches. Remove the top switch from the holder.

Step 5: Press the small button at the top of the button. If there is a strong click, the switch is still good. However, if the button feels loose when you press it, it is faulty.

The video below will walk you through how to replace the door switch in a microwave.

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Microwave Door Frame Cracked

If the plastic part of the door frame is broken but you can still close the door, you can keep using the microwave. You could try gluing the crack together with epoxy.

Microwave Door Handle Broken

To fix a broken door handle of a microwave, do the following…

Step 1: Get some epoxy resin and hardener.

Step 2: Mix equal amounts of both in a small disposable tray.

Step 3: Apply enough of the mixture to both ends of the door handle.

Step 4: Hold the door handle on the microwave for about three minutes to harden.

Step 5: To fully harden it, leave overnight.

The video below will show you how to repair a microwave door handle.

Is It Ok To Leave a Microwave Door Open?

There is nothing wrong with doing this. Since microwaves have door interlock switches, the microwave won’t emit any energy unless the door is fully closed. However, if it runs when the door is open, the door switch is faulty.

How to Replace a Microwave Door

To replace the door of a microwave, do the following…

Step 1: First, make sure that the microwave is off and unplugged from any power source.

Step 2: Take out the screws that hold the front grille in place (depending on the model of your microwave, there will be two or three screws).

Step 3: Gently pull the front grille out to take it out.

Step 4: Open the microwave door and take out the screw that holds the door in place.

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Step 5: Lift the door out.

Step 6: Get a new door and align it on the hinges.

Step 7: Screw the door tightly into place.

Step 8: Snap the front grille back into place and secure it with the screws you removed.

Step 9: Plug the microwave back.

The video below will walk you through how to replace a microwave door.

How to Remove Rust from Microwave Door

To get rid of the rust on a microwave door, do the following…

Step 1: Place some white vinegar and water in the microwave (half a cup of each).

Step 2: Boil in the microwave for one minute on high.

Step 3: After 1 minute, take out the water and vinegar.

Step 4: Mix some baking soda and salt together.

Step 5: Rub the mixture on the stain with a wet sponge and leave for 15 minutes.

Step 6: After 15 minutes, wipe the microwave using a damp cloth.

Note: You can use these same steps to clean the glass on your microwave door.

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