Microwave Oven is Making Noise [Issues Solved]

It’s normal for your microwave to make a small sound when you turn it on. However, if the microwave sounds louder than usual, there may be something wrong with it. In this article, we are going to guide you through what you need to do if your microwave oven is making noise.

Why Does My Microwave Make Noise?

If your microwave is making unusual noises, there could be more than one reason. However, if your microwave makes noise and doesn’t heat, the problem is most likely from the diode.

To replace the diode in a microwave, follow these steps…

Step 1: First, turn the microwave off and unplug it.

If your microwave is in the cabinet, follow these steps to take it out. If not, skip them.

Step 2: Remove the glass tray and support from the microwave.

Step 3: Get someone else to support the bottom of the microwave while you take out the screws which secure it to the cabinet.

Step 4: Open the cabinet and take out the screws.

Step 5: Tilt the microwave down and pass the power cord through the hole in the cabinet.

Step 6: Lift the microwave up and carry it out.

Step 7: Place the microwave on a sturdy surface lined with a towel or cloth.

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Step 8: Lie the microwave on its back and take out the screws that secure the bottom panel.

Step 9: Disconnect the wire connected to the panel and take out the panel.

Step 10: Tip the microwave back and prop the front using a plank or thick plank.

Step 11: Open the microwave door and take out the screws at the top of the front vent.

Step 12: Remove the vent.

Step 13: Take out all the screws on the top, sides, and back of the microwave.

Step 14: Afterwards, remove the microwave cover and set it aside.

Step 15: Discharge the capacitor. Do this by placing a screwdriver with an insulated handle over each terminal of the capacitor.

Step 16: Take out the screw that holds the diode in place.

Step 17: Disconnect the diode from the capacitor.

Step 18: Get a new diode and install it by connecting it to the capacitor first.

Step 19: Secure the diode to the frame using the screw.

Step 20: Return the microwave cover and hold in place with all the screws.

Step 21: Open the microwave door and reposition the front vent.

Step 22: Return the screws to secure it.

Step 23: Place the microwave on its back again.

Step 24: Return the bottom panel by connecting the wire to it first.

Step 25: Screw it back tightly.

Step 26: Position the microwave back on the mounting plate and pass the power cord through the hole in a cabinet.

Step 27: Secure the microwave to the cabinet using the screws.

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Step 28: Return the glass tray and support.

Watch the video below for a visual on how to replace a microwave diode.

Microwave Oven is Making Noise and Sparking

If you suddenly start seeing sparks in your microwave as food is cooking, turn off the microwave immediately. The most likely cause for this problem is the microwave being hit by any metal object within it.

Take the dish you were using in the microwave and thoroughly inspect it. If there are any metal parts on the plate, do not use it in the microwave again. Using a metal plate in a microwave is very dangerous so make sure to keep anything metal from it..

Microwave Oven is Making Noise after Cleaning

If your microwave oven is making noise after you finished cleaning it, there is one likely cause for this. If you took out the turntable tray in the cleaning process, it might be that you didn’t align it properly when you returned it to the microwave.

Most times, if the turntable tray isn’t aligned properly, you will hear a thumping or clicking sound. So, take out the tray and make sure it is aligned properly.

Microwave is Making a Beeping Noise

To turn off the beeping noise on your microwave, follow these few steps…

Step 1: Press the clock button twice.

Step 2: When you see “oP-2” on the microwave, press Start.

Step 3: Press the “Start” button again when you see “oFF” on the display.

If you have followed all these steps, when you press the buttons on your microwave you won’t hear any sound and the beeping will cease as well.

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Note: These steps work on a Frigidaire microwave and some other models. However, it might not work on yours.

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Microwave is Making a Clicking Noise When Off

The easiest thing to do about this problem is to unplug the microwave. Not only will this stop the sound, it will also save power. However, if your microwave oven is making noise still, get a technician to examine it and find out what the issue is.

Microwave Makes Noise When the Door Is Open

If your microwave sounds like it is still running when the door is open, the problem is from the door switches. When a door switch is faulty the microwave runs by itself whether the door is open or closed. Read this article to find out how to test and replace the door switches in a microwave.

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