Oven Smokes [Proven Solutions]

When an oven smokes, it can be quite alarming. There are different things that could cause an oven to smoke, and in this article, we will talk about them and what you need to do to fix them.

Oven Smokes When Turned On — How To Fix

The first possible reason your oven smokes when turned on may be because there are bits of food on the heating element. You will need to take out the heating element and wash carefully.

Your oven may also smoke because the heating element is faulty. If the smoke is accompanied with a buzzing sound, the heating element is faulty. Click here to learn how to replace the heating element in an oven. Also check the heating element if your oven smokes when preheating.

Oven Smokes When Self Cleaning — Cause

It’s normal for your oven to smoke during the self cleaning process. Since there are bits of food and grease in the oven, the oven will smoke as it burns off during the self clean cycle. Do not be alarmed if you see some smoke from your oven while self cleaning. Click here to know the dangers of using the self clean feature in an oven.

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Oven Smokes When Broiling — Cause

Since the oven reaches high temperatures while broiling, the fat on the food placed in the oven will start burning. However, if your food doesn’t have any fat, the broiler may have some grease on the walls which would cause the oven to smoke. If your oven is clean, your food may be too close to the broil element. Move the food farther away from the element.

Oven Smokes At 450 — Cause and Solution

Since the temperature of the oven is high, any grease or/and bits of food will cause the oven to smoke. To fix this issue, you will need to clean your oven. Read this article to learn different ways to clean an oven.

Oven Smokes First Time Use —  Cause And Solution

If your oven smokes when you use it for the first time, it’s completely normal. The oven coating burns off during use which in turn produces smoke. People normally “burn in” their new oven before using it. To “burn in” your oven, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Turn on the oven and set it to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Leave the oven to run for about an hour.

Step 3: After one hour, turn the oven off.

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Oven Smokes After Cleaning — Cause/Quick Fix

If you used a chemical cleaner to clean your oven, the residue will cause the oven to smoke when used afterwards. Rinse the oven interior with water and vinegar to get rid of the cleaner residue.

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Oven Smokes When Cooking Chicken

If your oven smokes when cooking chicken, the grease from it may be splattering on the walls. When the grease comes in contact with the heat, the oven will start smoking. So, if you are cooking anything that has fat content, cover it to prevent your oven from smoking.

How To Get Rid Of Oven Smoke In The House

To get rid of oven smoke in your house, simply open all the windows and turn off the oven.

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