Samsung Microwave Keeps Beeping [How to Fix]

If your Samsung microwave keeps beeping, it can be pretty annoying. However, you don’t have to put up with this because we are going to show you some effective ways of stopping the beeping sound.

Samsung Microwave Keeps Beeping — How To Fix

Your microwave may be beeping because your food is ready and you haven’t opened the door. But if this isn’t so, follow these few steps to stop the beeping sound:

Step 1: Look closely for a “mute” or “sound” button on the Samsung microwave’s control panel. If it isn’t listed clearly, it might be a secondary button (this means that it is in a different text color than usual) so make sure to look for it properly. Once you have found it, hold the button down.

Step 2: Hold the Stop or Cancel button down (pressing these buttons might activate child lock – you can simply undo this by simply repeating the previous action).

Step 3: Turn your microwave off then unplug it and leave for two minutes to remove residual power.

Step 4: After this, plug it back in and see if the microwave is back to normal.

Samsung Microwave Beeping Filter

If your Samsung microwave keeps beeping and saying “Filter”, it means that the filter needs to be washed. If you don’t have the time to do that at the moment, simply hold down the “0” button till the message clears (this should take only 30 seconds).

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However, note that holding down the “0” button without cleaning the filter will cause the same message to pop up again later on. Not cleaning the filter might even prevent the whole process from being effective in stopping the beeping.

To know how to clean a Samsung microwave filter, refer to the article below.

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