Samsung Oven Igniter Issues [Solved]

Is your Samsung oven igniter not glowing or does it keep clicking? Keep reading to learn how to fix Samsung oven igniter issues.

Samsung Oven Igniter Is Not Working — How To Fix

If your Samsung oven igniter is not working, it’s probably because it’s faulty. To get your oven working again, the igniter will need to be replaced. Follow these steps to replace the igniter in your Samsung oven…

Step 1: Pull the oven away from the cabinet and disconnect it from the outlet.

Step 2: Shut off the gas supply to the oven.

Step 3: Open the broiler drawer and remove the racks in it. Also remove the racks in the oven.

Step 4: Pull out the drawer and lift it out.

Step 5: To make it easier to access the igniter, you should uninstall the door. Open the oven door and flip the locks on the hinges forward with a flat blade screwdriver.

Step 6: Push the door closed till it can’t go any further.

Step 7: Grip the two sides of the door then lift it off.

Step 8: On the bottom panel of the oven interior, there will be two screws. Take out the two screws to release the bottom panel.

Step 9: Insert your hands into the openings in the oven’s bottom panel then lift it out.

Step 10: Set the panel aside.

Step 11: After remove the panel, you will see the heat shield. Take out the screws which hold it in place using a screwdriver. There should be two screws.

Step 12: Remove the heat shield and take it out of the oven.

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Step 13: Take out the screws at the back and front of the oven which secure the burner tube with the igniter on it.

Step 14: Bend down and look at the bottom of the oven, you will see a white wire plug. Disconnect the igniter wire plug.

Step 15: Go back to the oven interior and take out both the burner tube and igniter.

Step 16: Next, take out the two Philips head screws which hold the igniter in place.

Step 17: Get a new igniter.

Step 18: Position the new igniter on the burner tube.

Step 19: Secure the igniter to the burner tube with the screws.

Step 20: Take the burner tube back and reposition it in the oven.

Step 21: Go to the bottom of the oven and reconnect the igniter’s wire plug.

Step 22: Return the screw at the front and back of the oven which secure the burner tube.

Step 23: Position the heat shield and secure it with the screws.

Step 24: Return the bottom panel to the oven.

Step 25: Hold the bottom panel in place with the two screws.

Step 26: Slide the racks back into the oven.

Step 27: Reposition the hinges on the oven door back into the slots on the sides of the oven.

Step 28: Flip the door hinge locks back to hold the door in place.

Step 29: Close the door of the oven.

Step 30: Position the bottom drawer on the rails.

Step 31: Return the racks to the drawer.

Step 32: Slide the drawer back in.

Step 33: Turn the oven’s gas supply back on.

Step 34: Plug the oven back into the outlet and push it back to the cabinet.

Also follow the steps above if your Samsung oven igniter is not glowing.

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The video below will walk you through the process of replacing the igniter in a Samsung oven.

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How To Test A Samsung Oven Igniter

Follow these steps to test your Samsung oven igniter…

Step 1: Get a multimeter and turn the dial to the lowest ohms setting.

Step 2: Touch the two multimeter probes to the two terminals of the igniter in the wire plug.

Step 3: If the reading is between 0 to 1,100 ohms, the igniter is okay. If there is no continuity, the igniter should be replaced.

The video below will give you a visual of how to test your Samsung oven igniter.

Samsung Oven Igniter Keeps Clicking — How To Fix

If your Samsung oven igniter won’t stop clicking, it’s due to moisture. To get your igniter to stop clicking, you will need to dry it. To dry your oven igniter, follow these steps…

Step 1: Turn off your oven’s circuit breaker and shut off the gas supply.

Step 2: Pull out the oven’s bottom drawer.

Step 3: Open the oven door.

Step 4: Take out the two screws holding the bottom panel in place.

Step 5: Remove the bottom panel.

Step 6: Remove the screws which secure the burner shield.

Step 7: Take out the burner shield from the oven.

Step 8: You will see the igniter on the burner tube, take out the two screws which secure it.

Step 9: Go to the bottom of the oven and disconnect the white wire plug connected to the oven igniter.

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Step 10: Take the igniter out of the oven and clean with paper towels.

Step 11: Afterwards, leave the oven for some hours or overnight to dry completely.

Step 12: Once the igniter is dry, take it back to the oven and screw it to the burner tube.

Step 13: Reconnect the wire plug.

Step 14: Position the burner shield and return the screws which hold it in place.

Step 15: Return the bottom panel and the two screws which hold it in place.

Step 16: Close the oven door.

Step 17: Slide the oven’s bottom drawer back.

Step 18: Switch the oven’s circuit breaker on

Step 19: Turn the oven’s gas supply back on.

How To Clean A Samsung Oven Igniter

To clean your Samsung oven igniter, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Get a toothbrush, some paper towels, and a toothpick.

Step 2: Using the toothbrush, scrub the dirt of the igniter. Do not dip the igniter in water as it could damage it.

Step 3: Using the toothpick, remove the dirt in the small spaces.

Step 4: Clean the igniter with the paper towels.

Note that if your Samsung oven igniter is too heavily soiled with dirt, it will need to be replaced.

Samsung Stove Top Igniter Keeps Clicking — How To Fix

If your Samsung stove top keeps clicking, follow the steps below to fix it…

Step 1: Turn off the oven’s gas supply.

Step 2: Lift the burner grates off and set them aside.

Step 3: Remove the burner cap from the clicking burner.

Step 4: Get a cotton swab and dip it in some alcohol.

Step 5: Clean the igniter with the cotton swab and alcohol.

Step 6: Also clean the surrounding area with the cotton swab.

Step 7: Leave the igniter to dry completely.

Step 8: Once the igniter is completely dry, return the burner cap.

Step 9: Return the burner grates as well.

Step 10: Turn the oven’s gas supply back on.

The video below will show you what to do if your stove igniter is clicking.

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