Samsung Oven Probe [How To, Issues & Solutions]

Your Samsung oven probe helps you get tender and juicy meat all the time. So if you want to get that juicy perfectly cooked turkey you’ve been dreaming about, keep reading to learn how to use your Samsung oven probe.

How To Use A Samsung Oven Temperature Probe

To use your Samsung oven probe, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Season your meat as desired.

Step 2: Place the meat in an oven safe dish.

Step 3: Get the temperature probe and insert it into the thickest part of the meat. Make sure the probe doesn’t make contact with any bone or protrude from the other side of the meat.

Step 4: Open the oven door and place the meat inside.

Step 5: Plug the probe jack into the socket on the side wall of the oven.

Step 6: Close the door and turn the oven on.

Step 7: Press the “Temperature probe” button.

Step 8: Using the numbers on the oven’s control panel, set the desired internal temperature you want your meat to be.

Step 9: Press the “Start” button. If you want to use the delay start feature, skip this step and press the “Delay Start” button instead.

Step 10: Set the time you want the oven to turn on.

Step 11: Press “Start”.

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The video below will give you a visual of how to use the probe in an oven.

Samsung Oven Probe Is Not Working — How To Fix

If your Samsung oven probe is not working, it is either not properly inserted in the meat or in the jack. Check that you inserted the probe into the meat properly and the probe isn’t protruding through the other end. Also make sure it’s properly connected to the jack. If your probe still doesn’t work after this, you should call a technician to determine what the issue is.

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Samsung Oven Says Probe — Quick Fix

If your Samsung oven says probe when it isn’t connected, follow these steps…

Step 1: Open the oven door and plug the probe into the jack.

Step 2: Turn off your oven’s circuit breaker.

Step 3: Leave the circuit breaker off for at least 5 minutes.

Step 4: After 5 minutes, turn the circuit breaker back on.

Step 5: Turn on the oven and press the “Bake” button.

Step 6: Disconnect the probe from the jack.

How To Turn Off Samsung Oven Probe

To turn off your Samsung oven probe, simple press the “Clear/Off” button. If that doesn’t work, follow the steps listed below…

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Step 1: Open the oven door and disconnect the probe from the jack.

Step 2: Take the probe out of the oven.

Step 3: Unplug the oven’s power cord from the outlet.

Step 4: Leave the oven unplugged for 5 minutes

Step 5: After 5 minutes, plug the oven back in.

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