How to Use Convection Mode in Samsung Microwave: A Complete Guide

If you’ve recently purchased a Samsung microwave, you might be curious about how to use its convection mode. This guide is designed to show you how to use convection mode in Samsung microwave.

What is Convection Mode?

Convection mode in a Samsung microwave utilizes a fan and a heating element to cook your food evenly and quickly. It’s different from the microwave mode, which uses electromagnetic waves for cooking.

Why Use Convection Mode?

Convection mode allows you to bake, brown, and crisp foods, which are tasks traditional microwaves can’t handle well.

What You Will Need

How to Use Convection Mode in Samsung Microwave – Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Place the Food in a Microwave-Safe Dish

Place your food in a dish that is safe for microwave and convection oven use.

Step 2: Position the Dish Inside the Microwave

Open the Samsung microwave door and place the dish on the turntable. Close the door securely.

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Step 3: Select the Convection Mode

Turn on your Samsung microwave and press the ‘Convection’ button. This button is usually found on the control panel.

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Step 4: Set the Temperature

Use the number pad to enter the cooking temperature as per your recipe. Confirm your input by pressing the ‘Enter’ or ‘Start’ button.

Step 5: Set the Time

Enter the cooking time using the number pad and confirm it by pressing the ‘Enter’ or ‘Start’ button.

Step 6: Start Cooking

Press the ‘Start’ button to begin the cooking process.

Step 7: Check the Food

Once the timer goes off, open the door and carefully check the food. Use an oven mitt or towel to remove the dish if it’s done.

Step 8: Additional Cooking Time

If the food is not cooked to your liking, you can add additional time by setting a new timer.

How to Use Convection Mode in Samsung Microwave: Conclusion

Knowing how to use convection mode in your Samsung microwave can significantly improve your cooking experience. Follow these steps to make the most out of this versatile appliance.

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