Neff Oven Element Problems [Proven Solutions]

If your Neff oven element is faulty, the oven won’t heat. So, if you would to know how to replace a faulty element in your Neff oven and get some questions answered, keep reading.

Neff Oven Element Not Heating — How To Fix

If the element in your Neff oven isn’t heating, you will need to replace it. Follow the steps below to learn how to replace a Neff oven element…

Step 1: First disconnect the power to your oven. Do this by switching the circuit breaker off.

Step 2: Open the door of your oven and take out the racks.

Step 3: Flip the hinge locks of the oven door and lift the door off the oven.

Step 4: On the back wall of the oven interior there will be some screws. Take them out.

Step 5: Remove the element cover.

Step 6: Next, take out the three screws which secure the heating element to the oven.

Step 7: Carefully pull the element out.

Step 8: Note where the wires are connected to on the heating element. Take a picture to make it easier.

Step 9: Disconnect the wires from the faulty heating element.

Step 10: Get a new heating element.

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Step 11: Connect the wires to the new heating element using the picture you took for reference.

Step 12: Position the element on the oven back wall.

Step 13: Secure the element using the three screws you removed earlier on.

Step 14: Position the cover of the heating element back.

Step 15: Secure it with the screws.

Step 16: Slide the racks back into the oven.

Step 17: Position the oven door back and lower it down.

Step 18: Flip the hinge locks to secure the oven door.

Step 19: Close the door of the oven.

Step 20: Switch on the circuit breaker.

If you would like a visual of how to replace the a Neff oven element, watch the video below.

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Neff Oven Element Keeps Blowing — How To Fix

There may be more than one possible reason for your Neff oven element to keep blowing. Below, we have listed each one.

Wires Aren’t Well Connected

If the wires aren’t properly connected to the heating element, it could cause it to keep blowing or. burning out. Check that the wires are connected to the right terminals properly.

Fan Motor Is Faulty

If the fan motor in your oven is faulty, the fan may stop blowing which may cause the oven element to burn out. Read this article to learn how to replace the fan motor in a Neff oven. If you would like to know how to test the fan motor in your oven, click here

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Where Is The Bake Element In My Oven?

The bake element is normally located on the bottom of your oven interior.

How To Test An Oven Element

To test the element in your oven, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Get a multimeter.

Step 2: Set the multimeter to an infinity test.

Step 3: Touch the two terminals of the element with the two probes. There shouldn’t be any reading on the multimeter. If there is a reading, the element is faulty.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to test a Neff oven element.

Are Oven Elements Interchangeable?

No they aren’t. If you use the wrong heating element in your oven, it won’t work at all. It could also burn out immediately or not last as long as it normally should.

Is it Worth Replacing An Oven Element?

Yes, it is. If the element in your oven stops working, the oven won’t work. So, if you don’t replace the element, you won’t be able to use your oven.

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