How To Unlock A Samsung Oven… [Detailed Guide]

Is your Samsung oven locked and you don’t know how to unlock it? Keep reading to learn how to unlock a Samsung oven.

How To Unlock Samsung Oven Control Panel

To unlock your Samsung oven’s control panel, simply hold down the “Off/Clear” button for 3 seconds.

How To Unlock A Samsung Oven After Self Clean

Your Samsung oven unlocks automatically after self cleaning once the oven has cooled down. But if you don’t want to wait for that, you can unlock it manually. Below we show you how to unlock a Samsung oven after self cleaning.

Step 1: Unplug the oven from the outlet.

Step 2: Leave the oven unplugged for 10 minutes.

Step 3: After 10 minutes, plug the oven back in.

How To Unlock A Samsung Oven Door

To unlock the door of your Samsung oven, hold the “Off/Clear” button down for 3 seconds.

Samsung Oven Won’t Unlock — How To Fix

If your Samsung oven door won’t unlock, first turn off the circuit breaker for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, turn the oven back on. If the oven still won’t unlock, the door lock assembly is probably faulty. Follow the steps below to replace the door lock assembly…

Step 1: Pull the oven away from the wall.

Step 2: Unplug the oven’s power cord from the outlet.

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Step 3: If your oven is a gas one, shut off the gas supply as well.

Step 4: Turn the oven around in order to gain access to the back.

Step 5: Take out the screws around the oven’s rear which hold the lower back panel in place.

Step 6: Grip the bottom of the panel and lift it off. Be careful as the edges of the panel are sharp.

Step 7: Set the back panel aside.

Step 8: On the upper right side of the oven, you should see the door lock assembly. Disconnect all the screws connected to it and make sure to note where each one goes.

Step 9: Take out the screws which secure the door lock assembly to the back of the oven. There should be two screws.

Step 10: The door lock motor is connected to a rod. To release it, pull it down and tilt the motor in.

Step 11: Get a replacement door lock assembly.

Step 12: Insert the rod into the door lock assembly and position the assembly on the oven.

Step 13: Return the two screws which secure the door lock assembly to the oven.

Step 14: Reconnect all the wires to the door lock assembly. Make sure to connect each wire to the right place.

Step 15: Reinstall the back panel by inserting the tabs on each side back into the slots at the top sides of the oven.

Step 16: Secure the lower back panel using the screws.

Step 17: Plug your oven back into the outlet.

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Step 18: Turn on your gas supply.

Step 19: Push the oven back to the wall.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to replace the door lock assembly in a Samsung oven.

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How To Unlock Child Lock On A Samsung Oven

To unlock the child lock feature on your Samsung oven, simply hold down the “Child lock” button for 3 seconds.

How To Unlock A Samsung Microwave Oven

To lock and unlock your Samsung microwave oven, follow the steps below…

Step 1: Turn the oven on.

Step 2: Hold down the “Select” and “Eco” button simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Step 3: To unlock the oven, also hold down the “Select” and  “Eco” button for 3 seconds.

The video below will give you a visual of how to lock and unlock your Samsung microwave oven.

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