Oven Door [Guide, Various Problems & Proven Solutions]

Is your oven door broken, fogging up, or does it make noise whenever you open or close it? If you would like some solutions to your oven door issues, this article is for you.

Oven Door Broken — How To Fix

If your oven door is broken, the best thing to do is replace it. To replace the door of your oven, do the following…

Step 1: Unplug the oven.

Step 2: Open the oven door and pull back the tabs which secure the door hinges.

Step 3: Close the door and pull it up to remove.

Step 4: Get a new door and sit it on the hinges.

Step 5: Flip the tabs on the door hinges to secure the door.

Step 6: Close the door and plug the oven back in.

The video below will show you how to replace the door of an oven.

Oven Door Blows Open — How To Fix

If your oven door blows open whenever you light up the oven, the igniter is faulty. To replace the igniter in your oven, follow these steps…

Step 1: Unplug the oven and shut off the gas supply.

Step 2: For safety, put on some gloves.

Step 3: Open the door of your oven and take out the racks.

Step 4: Take out the screws on the oven bottom panel. There will be a couple of them close to the back wall.

Step 5: Lift the bottom panel up then push it back to remove.

Step 6: Using a nut driver, take out the screws which secure the igniter.

Step 7: Pull the igniter towards yourself.

Step 8: Disconnect the wire harness connected to the igniter.

Step 9: Remove the igniter and test it for continuity with a multimeter. if there is none replace it. Click here to know how to test an oven igniter.

Step 10: Get a new igniter and connect it to the wire harness.

Step 11: Position the oven igniter and hold it in place with the screws.

Step 12: Return the bottom panel of the oven and the screws which secure it.

Step 13: Slide the oven racks back into the oven.

Step 14: Close the door.

Step 15: Plug the oven back in and turn on the gas supply.

The video below will walk you through the process of replacing an oven igniter.

Oven Door Hinge Broken — How To Fix

You will need to replace your oven door hinge if it is broken. To do this, follow these steps…

Step 1: First, unplug the oven.

Step 2: Put on some gloves for safety.

Step 3: Open the oven door.

Step 4: Flip down the tabs that secure the door to the hinges.

Step 5: Push the door till it’s almost closed then lift it up and place on a sturdy surface.

Step 6: Take out the screws at the bottom of the door.

Step 7: Remove the outer glass and frame.

Step 8: Take out the screws securing the door handle then remove the handle.

Step 9: The door hinges are held by screws. Take them out.

Step 10: Remove the door hinges.

Step 11: Get new door hinges and position them on the door.

Step 12: Secure them with the screws.

Step 13: Reposition the door handle and screw it into place.

Step 14: Align the door hinges on the oven slots.

Step 15: Push it forward then carefully lower it down.

Step 16: Push the locking tabs back.

Step 17: Close the oven door and plug it back in.

If your oven door doesn’t close or open all the way, follow the steps above to replace the door hinges.

The video below will walk you through the process of replacing the door hinge of an oven.

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How To Clean An Oven Door With Baking Soda And Vinegar

To clean your oven door with baking soda, do the following…

Step 1: Form a paste using baking soda and water.

Step 2: Open the oven door.

Step 3: Apply the paste on the door and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Step 4: Scrub the door with a soft sponge then wipe with a damp cloth.

Step 5: Spray some vinegar on the door and wipe it off to get rid of any remaining baking soda.

Oven Door Fogging Up

It is normal for your oven door to fog up. When this happens, simply wipe the door with a towel when it cools down.

Oven Door Will Not Unlock After Cleaning

If your oven door just won’t open after running the self-cleaning feature, do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. As the oven heats up during the self cleaning cycle, the is locked till the cycle ends and the oven has cooled down.

Oven Door Makes Noise When Opening

If you hear a squeaky sound when you open the door of your oven, the lubricant applied by the factory has worn off. Apply some high temperature oil to the hinges to stop the door from squeaking.

Does My Oven Door Come Off?

Yes, it does. To remove it, open the door and flip down the locking tabs on the door hinges. Close the oven door, but not completely. Now lift the the door to remove.

Should The Oven Door Be Closed When Using Grill?

Yes, it should. Grilling with the door open will cause excessive heat to escape.

Why Would My Oven Door Shatter?

If you mistakenly hit the glass door with a spoon, a pan, or something sharp, a small crack might develop. While it may not be visible at the time, as time goes on and the oven keeps heating up, the crack will keep enlarging. Then one day, it’ll finally give way.

What Can You Clean Inside An Oven Door Glass?

You can clean in-between your oven glass door with a yard stick and towel. To clean in-between your oven door glass, do the following…

Step 1: Place a towel on your work surface.

Step 2: Open the oven door.

Step 3: Flip back the tabs on the door hinges which secure the.

Step 4: Gently push the door forward till it’s almost closed.

Step 5: Lift the door up and place it on the towel lined surface.

Step 6: Mix some dishwashing soap and warm water in a container.

Step 7: Wrap a dishcloth on a yard stick and hold it in place with rubber bands.

Step 8: Soak the dishcloth in the warm water and soap.

Step 9: Carefully push the stick into the opening in the door. Do not force it in.

Step 10: Clean in-between the glass and door by pushing the stick around.

Step 11: Remove the cloth from the stick and rinse with some water.

Step 12: Tie the cloth back to the stick and insert it into the opening in the door to rinse.

Step 13: Remove the cloth and tie a dry cloth or paper towel to the stick.

Step 14: Use the paper towel to dry the door.

Step 15: Reposition the door on the oven and lower it down.

Step 16: Flip the tabs on the hinges to secure the door.

The video below will show you how to clean between your oven door glass.

Why Should You Not Open The Oven Door When Baking?

Well, if you are baking a cake, opening the door too many times will cause it to collapse. So to make sure you get the perfect cake, you really need to limit the number of times you open the door of your oven.

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