LG Oven Wifi [How To, Problems & Solutions]

Are you trying to connect your LG oven WIFI but just can do it? In this article, we will show you how to do this and fix some problems you may be having.

LG Oven Wifi Password

The Wi-Fi password of your LG oven is the last four digits of the network name written twice. For instance, if the network name is LG_Smart_Appliances_6789, you should enter 67896789. Enter the last four digits of the network name twice if your LG oven is refusing to connect to Wi-Fi.

LG Oven Wifi Setup

To set up the Wi-Fi for your LG oven, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Download the LG smart thinq app from google play store.

Step 2: Create an account.

Step 3: Next, sign in.

Step 4: Tap “Register”.

Step 5: Tap “Oven”.

Step 6: Now follow the instructions displayed to register the oven and to connect it to your wifi network.

Step 7: Turn the oven on and hold down the “Timer on/off” for three seconds or till you see the Wi-Fi icon on the oven’s display. You can now use the LG smart thinq app to control and monitor your oven.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to setup the Wi-Fi for your LG oven.

How To Turn On LG Oven Wifi

To turn on LG oven Wi-Fi, simply hold down the “Timer on/off” button till the oven displays the Wi-Fi icon.

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