Samsung Oven Temperature Problems [Proven Solutions]

Is your Samsung oven temperature fluctuating or are you experiencing any other problems like this? Keep reading to get the solutions to Samsung oven temperature problems.

Samsung Oven Temperature Drops

If your Samsung oven temperature drops or keeps fluctuating, there’s more than one possible reason for it. Below we have listed each one and how to fix them.

1. Temperature Sensor

If your Samsung oven doesn’t maintain the temperature, this is the first component you should check. Follow the steps listed below to replace your Samsung oven temperature sensor…

Step 1: Turn the oven off.

Step 2: Pull the oven away from the wall and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Step 3: Open the oven door.

Step 4: Remove the oven racks.

Step 5: To make it easier to access the temperature sensor, the door should be uninstalled. Using a flat head screwdriver flip the hinge locks towards yourself.

Step 6: Close the door till it stops.

Step 7: Grip each side of the oven door and lift it off.

Step 8: Set the door assembly on a sturdy surface lined with a cloth.

Step 9: You will see the temperature sensor on the upper left of the oven back wall. Using a Philips head screwdriver, take out the two screws which secure the sensor.

Step 10: Gently pull out the sensor.

Step 11: Disconnect the wire harness connected to the sensor.

Step 12: Get a new sensor and connect the wire plug to it.

Step 13: Push the sensor into the hole.

Step 14: Return the two screws which hold the sensor in place.

Step 15: Return the racks to the oven.

Step 16: Lift the oven door and position the hinges back into the slots in the oven.

Step 17: Lower the door and flip the hinge locks back to their usual position.

Step 18: Close the oven door.

Step 19: Plug the oven’s power cord back into the outlet.

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Step 20: Push the oven back to the wall.

Samsung Oven Temperature Sensor Test

To test your Samsung oven’s temperature sensor, do the following…

Step 1: Get a multimeter.

Step 2: Turn the multimeter dial to the ohm setting.

Step 3: Touch the two probes of the multimeter to the pins in the sensor wire connector.

Step 4: The multimeter will display around 1080 ohms if the temperature sensor is good. If the reading is way lower or higher than this, the sensor is faulty and should be replaced.

The video below will give you a visual of how to test your Samsung oven temperature sensor.

Samsung Oven Temperature Sensor Location

Your Samsung oven’s temperature sensor is located on the back wall of the oven interior. If you look to the left, you should see the temperature sensor held in place by two screws.

2. The Heating Element

If your Samsung oven temperature sensor is not faulty, the heating element may be the reason your oven temperature keeps dropping. To replace your Samsung oven’s heating or bake element, do the following…

Step 1: Turn off the oven.

Step 2: Switch off the circuit breaker.

Step 3: Pull the oven away from the cabinet.

Step 4: Go to the back of the oven.

Step 5: Using a Philips head screwdriver, remove the screws around the rear of the oven securing it’s lower back panel.

Step 6: Carefully grip the bottom of the panel and lift it up to release the tabs on the top sides.

Step 7: Set the panel aside.  

Step 8: On the right or left side of the oven’s lower back, you will see the terminal block with the power cord screwed to it. Take out the three screws which secure the power cord to the terminal block.

Step 9: Carefully pull out the power cord.

Step 10: Next, you will need to remove the terminal block’s plate. Remove the screws on the terminal block which secure the plate.

Step 11: Set the metal plate aside.

Step 12: Disconnect the wires from the heating element terminals.

Step 13: Using a multimeter, test the heating element for continuity. If there is no continuity, the element is faulty and should be replaced.

Step 14: Cut through the insulation around the heating element to gain access to the screws which hold it in place. You can do this using a pocketknife.

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Step 15: Take out the screw beside each terminal of the heating element.

Step 16: Pull out the element from the oven and get a new one.

Step 17: Install the new element by carefully pushing it through the opening at the back of the oven.

Step 18: Hold the heating element with thee two screws you removed earlier.

Step 19: Reposition the terminal block metal plate on the back of the oven.

Step 20: Position the terminal block on the mounting plate and secure it using the screws.

Step 21: Secure the power cord back to the terminal block using the two screws.

Step 22: Reconnect the two wires to the heating element terminals.

Step 23: Reinstall the oven’s back panel by inserting the tabs on each side back into the slots in the oven.

Step 24: Secure the back panel using the screws.

Step 25: Push the oven back to the cabinet.

Step 26: Switch on the oven’s circuit breaker.

If you would like a visual of how to replace the heating or bake element in your Samsung oven, watch the video below.

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Samsung Oven Temperature Not Accurate — How To Fix

If the temperature of your Samsung oven is not accurate, it will need to be calibrated. Look at this article to learn how to calibrate a Samsung oven step by step.

Samsung Oven Temperature Probe — How To Use It

To use the temperature probe of your Samsung oven, do the following…

Step 1: Season your meat however you want.

Step 2: Place the seasoned meat in a baking dish.

Step 3: Insert the temperature probe into the thickest part of the meat. Make sure to properly insert the probe or it won’t work.

Step 4: Open the oven door and place your meat inside.

Step 5: Plug the other end of the temperature probe to the jack on the side wall of the oven. The jack will be either on the left or right side.

Step 6: Press the “Temperature Probe” button.

Step 7: Using the numeric key pad, type in the internal temperature you want your meat to stop cooking at.

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Step 8: Press the “Start” button.

Step 9: Once the oven is done, press the “Clear/Off” button.

Step 10: Take out the meat from the oven.

Step 11: Remove the temperature probe from the meat.

Step 12: Take out the probe from the oven and clean. Do not store the temperature probe in the oven.

How To Set Temperature In Samsung Smart Oven

To set the temperature on your Samsung oven, follow the steps below…

Step 1: Turn on the oven and choose a cooking mode.

Step 2: Using the up and down arrows, enter your desired temperature.

Step 3: Press “Ok”.

Samsung Oven Broil Low Temperature

To broil in your Samsung oven using a low temperature, follow the steps below…

Step 1: Open the oven door and place the rack on the second position.

Step 2: Season your food and place it on the broiling grid.

Step 3: Line the broiling pan with foil and place the grid on it.

Step 4: Close the door and turn on the oven.

Step 5: Press the “Broil” button twice for the low setting.

Step 6: Press the “Start”  button.

Step 7: Wait for the oven to preheat for a few minutes.

Step 8: Once the oven is preheated, open the door and place the broiler pan with your food on the rack.

Step 9: Close the door.

Step 10: Once you are done broiling, press the “Clear/Off” button and take out your food.

Samsung Oven Celsius Or Fahrenheit

Samsung ovens are in F when shipped from the factory. However, if you don’t have a brand new oven and you aren’t sure if it’s in Celsius or Fahrenheit, do the following…

Step 1: Set the oven to bake at 200 degrees.

Step 2: Place an oven thermometer on the center rack of the oven.

Step 3: After 15 minutes, look at the reading. If the reading in F is way higher than what you set the oven to bake at, your oven is Celsius. If the reading is the same as what you set, the oven is in Fahrenheit.

Samsung Oven Temperature FAQ

Samsung Oven Proof Temperature

The temperature your Samsung oven proofs at is 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C.

Samsung Oven Pizza Temperature

Your Samsung oven temperature should be set from 450 – 500 degrees F or 250 – 260 degrees C for pizza.

Samsung Oven Dehydrate Temperature

The perfect temperature to dehydrate at in your oven is 140 degrees F.

Samsung Oven Max Temperature

The maximum temperature of your Samsung oven is 550 degrees F. If your Samsung oven uses Celsius and not Fahrenheit, the maximum temperature is 285 or 288 degrees C on some models.

Samsung Oven Self Clean Temperature

The self clean temperature of your Samsung oven is about 500 degrees F or 260 degrees C.

Samsung Oven Slow Cook Temperature

A great temperature to slow cook food in your oven is 240 to 250 degrees F.

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