LG Oven Won’t Stop Beeping [Proven Solutions]

It’s annoying to keep hearing beeps from your oven all the time. So if your LG oven won’t stop beeping, keep reading to learn how to fix it.

Why Does My LG Oven Keep Beeping?

An oven beeps to alert you when the cooking process is done. If you don’t take the food out of the oven, the oven will keep beeping. Open the door and take out your food from the oven. If your LG oven won’t stop beeping, the control panel may be faulty.

LG Oven Won’t Stop Beeping — How To Fix

If your LG oven won’t stop beeping, there may be an error code on the oven’s display. If you see an error code on your LG oven’s display, read this article. If you don’t see any error codes, the control panel is probably faulty. Follow these steps to replace your LG oven’s control panel…

Step 1: Turn the oven off.

Step 2: Pull the oven away from the wall and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Step 3: Put on some safety gloves.

Step 4: Using a screwdriver, remove the screws holding the upper back panel of the oven in place.

Step 5: Remove the screws securing the two metal brackets underneath it as well.

Step 6: Lift off the upper back panel and remove the two metal brackets.

Step 7: Disconnect the control board’s ribbon connector.

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Step 8: Remove the screws which secure the control assembly with the relay board, power supply board, and control board on it.

Step 9: Take out the screw at the right which secures a wire retainer.

Step 10: Remove the two screws at the top back of the control panel.

Step 11: Go to the front of the oven and take out the screws under it.

Step 12: Lower the deflector under the panel and set it aside.

Step 13: Lift the control panel off.

Step 14: Get a new control panel and position it on the oven.

Step 15: Return the deflector and the screws which secure it.

Step 16: Go to the back of the oven and return the two screws which secure the control panel.

Step 17: Screw the wire retainer back.

Step 18: Reposition the control assembly and hold it in place with the screws.

Step 19: Reconnect the control board’s ribbon connector.

Step 20: Return the upper panel and the metal brackets.

Step 21: Secure them using the screws.

Step 22: Plug the oven back in and push it to the wall.

If you would like a visual of how to replace the control panel of an LG oven, watch the video below.

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