Samsung Oven Delay Start [Detailed Guide]

The delay start feature in a Samsung oven is very useful, but how do you use it? Keep reading to learn how to use the Samsung oven delay start feature.

How To Use Samsung Oven Delay Start

To use the delay start feature on your Samsung oven, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Open the oven door and place your food inside.

Step 2: Select your desired cooking mode. For example, you can select “Bake”.

Step 3: Using the up and down arrows or the number pad, set your desired temperature.

Step 4: Press “Cooking Time”.

Step 5: Input how long you want your food to cook using the arrows or numbers.

Step 6: Press the “Delay Start” button.

Step 7: Press the “Clock” button once to select AM or twice for PM. If your oven is in the 24 hour display mode, skip this step.

Step 8: Input the time for the oven to start cooking your food.

Step 9: Press “Start/Set”.

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Samsung Oven Delay Start FAQ

What Does Delay Start Mean On A Samsung Oven?

Delay start is an oven feature which enables you to set the time of day for your oven to turn on and start cooking. When the set time of day has been reached, the oven starts cooking the food placed inside.

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