GE Microwave Error Codes [How to Fix]

There are many error codes that could appear on a GE microwave. It’s one thing to know what the errors mean and it’s another thing to know how to fix it. That’s why in this article we are going to talk about some GE microwave error codes and how to fix them.

How Do You Fix the F3 Code on a GE Microwave?

To fix the GE microwave error code F3, do the following…

Step 1: Turn the microwave off then unplug.

Step 2: Take out the screws at the top of the microwave vent or grille (there should be two screws).

Step 3: Pull the vent off.

Step 4: Above the control panel, there will be one screw, take it out.

Step 5: Gently lift the panel up then out.

Step 6: Disconnect all the wires and plugs from the control board.

Step 7: There will be a green cable on the control board, release it and pull it out.

Step 8: The cause of the F3 error might be the ribbon not being properly seated. To seat it properly, push it inside as far as it can go then push the white clip at the top inside.

Step 9: Clean the control board with a dry cloth if you notice any corrosion or grease on it.

Step 10: Test the microwave. If it works now, then the problem is fixed, if not, you will need to replace the control panel.

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Step 11: Disconnect all the wires from the control panel.

Step 12 Unscrew the control board from the panel.

Step 13: Screw the control board tightly to a new control panel.

Step 14: Reconnect all the wires to the control board.

Step 15: Insert the tabs of the control panel back into the microwave and push it into place.

Step 16: Screw the control panel into place.

Step 17: Return the front grille and the screws which secure it.

Step 18: Plug the microwave back in.

Note: The GE microwave error code F3 when the control panel is shorted or bad. The microwave then keeps beeping after the message to set the clock appears.

The video below will show you how to fix the GE microwave error code F3.

GE Microwave Error Code PF

After a power failure, a microwave might display the 888, 8888, or PF code. You cancel the codes by simply pressing the CLEAR button.

GE Microwave Error Code F4

The GE microwave error code F4 indicates that the humidity sensor is faulty, meaning that you will need to replace it. if you are willing to do this yourself, follow the steps below…

Step 1: Before you start this repair make sure that the microwave is unplugged.

Step 2: Take out the screws at the sides and back of the microwave so that you can remove the cover.

Step 3: Remove the microwave cover and set it aside.

Step 4: Before going further, you will need to discharge the capacitor. To do this, take a screwdriver with an insulated handle then place its tip on one of the terminals of the capacitor. Slide the screwdriver’s tip to the next terminal then hold there for just a couple of seconds. When you see a spark or hear a small pop, you’ll know that the capacitor is discharged.

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Step 5: Find the humidity sensor. It’s a metal sort of disc with a wire which connects it to the circuit board.

Step 6: Take out the two screws on the two sides of the sensor and disconnect the wire.

Step 7: Screw a new humidity sensor into place and plug it to the board.

Step 8: Reposition the microwave cover and hold it in place with the screws.

Step 9: Plug the microwave back in.

GE Microwave Error Code Food

There are some models of microwaves which have a feature which stops the microwave from starting the cooking process without any food inside. If you place your food into the microwave before you select a cooking setting, the “FOOD” or “insert food” message appears.

This isn’t an error code, it is just a way of preventing people from using the microwave before placing anything inside. To get rid of the message, all you have to do is open the door again and close it then press the “Start” button.

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GE Microwave Error Message Steam Sensor

To fix GE microwave error message steam sensor, do the following…

Step 1: First, you will need to order a new steam sensor.

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Step 2: Once you have the new steam sensor, you can get started on the microwave repair. Unplug the microwave before staring.

Step 3: Take out the screws at the top sides and back of the microwave so that you can remove the cover.

Step 4: Pull up the microwave cover and set it aside.

Step 5: The steam sensor will be at the far left of the microwave above a small vent. To take it out, remove the plastic piece around it and set aside then pull the steam sensor out.

Step 6: Push the new sensor in and lock in place with the plastic piece you removed earlier on.

Step 7: Screw the microwave cover back with all the screws. Once you have done all these, your repair is complete.

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