Hotpoint Oven Thermostat [How To, Issues & Solutions]

Has your Hotpoint oven thermostat stopped working and you don’t know why? In this article, we will talk about Hotpoint oven thermostat issues and how to fix them.

Hotpoint Oven Thermostat Not Working — How To Fix

If your Hotpoint oven thermostat is not working, it is faulty. To replace a faulty thermostat in a Hotpoint oven, follow these steps…

Step 1: To avoid the risk of electrocution, switch off the breaker or unplug the oven from the outlet.

Step 2: Take out the screws on the on the upper back of the oven hob which secure it. There are two screws which secure it.

Step 3: Open the door of the oven.

Step 4: Slide out the racks in the oven and set them aside.

Step 5: On the back wall of the oven, you will see the thermostat capillary tube. Unhook it from the mounting clips.

Step 6: Take a picture of where the control knobs go on the oven’s front panel.

Step 7: Pull off all the knobs.

Step 8: Underneath the front panel, there are two screws. Take them out.

Step 9: Push the front panel to the left to release it.

Step 10: Disconnect the two wires connected to the front oven panel.

Step 11: Take out the two screws under the oven hob which secure it.

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Step 12: Lift the oven hob carefully. Make sure not to bend any of the wires as you do this.

Step 13: Note where each wire connects to on the hob. If it’s too difficult to remember, take a picture.

Step 14: Disconnect the wire plugs from the hob.

Step 15: Place the hob on a cloth lined surface.

Step 16: Pull the thermostat away from the selector switch behind the oven’s front panel.

Step 17: Note where each wire goes on the thermostat then disconnect them.

Step 18: Go to the oven’s rear.

Step 19: Take out the screws which hold the oven’s back panel in place.

Step 20: Push the capillary tube out through the hole in the oven’s rear.

Step 21: Unhook the thermostat wire from all the clips at the top of the oven.

Step 22: Remove the thermostat and get a replacement.

Step 23: Push the new thermostat onto the selector switch.

Step 24: Connect the wires to the right places on the oven thermostat.

Step 25: Hook the thermostat wire on the clips at the top of the oven.

Step 26: Pass the capillary tube through the hole in the oven’s rear.

Step 27: Return the oven’s back panel.

Step 28: Secure with the screws.

Step 29: Hook the capillary tube on the mounting clips in the oven.

Step 30: Return the oven racks.

Step 31: Take the hob back to the oven and connect the wire plugs.

Step 32: Lower the hob and return the two screws which hold it in place.

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Step 33: Connect the wires back to the oven’s front panel.

Step 34: Secure the panel with the screws.

Step 35: Push the control knobs back in.

Step 36: Close the oven door.

Step 37: Return the two screws on the upper back of the oven which hold the hob.

Step 38: Plug the oven back in or switch the breaker on.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to replace a Hotpoint oven thermostat.

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How Do I Know If My Hotpoint Oven Thermostat Is Broken?

If your food is undercooked or overcooked all the time and you are sure the heating or broil element isn’t faulty, the thermostat probably is.

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