How To Remove And Install A Wall Oven [Detailed Guide]

Have you decided it’s time to get a new oven but you don’t want to spend extra money getting someone to install it for you? Well, in this article we will show you how to remove and install a wall oven.

Can I Install A Wall Oven Myself?

This actually depends on you. If after reading the steps below and watching the video you decide it’s too complicated, you can call someone to do it for you. But if you’re sure about it, you can carry out the installation yourself.

How To Remove And Install A Wall Oven

To remove and install a wall oven, follow the steps listed below…

Step 1: Before you start removing or get an oven, you need to measure the opening your old one is in. Using a measuring tape, measure the cabinet from side to side and top to bottom. If you want to get an oven that is bigger than the one you have at the moment, you will go through more trouble to make a bigger cabinet opening.

Step 2: If you want to expand the cabinet, you will need to call a carpenter. However, if you don’t need to expand the opening, you can go on with removing and replacing your oven.

Step 3: Switch off the breaker for your oven.

Step 4: Pull the oven out a bit.

Step 5: Take out the two screws at the bottom of the oven.

Step 6: Lift off the door from the oven. You should see two screws after you remove the door.

Step 7: Take out the two screws.

Step 8: Remove the metal piece.

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Step 9: You should be able to see the electrical box now. Take out the two screws at the front.

Step 10: Test each wiring using a multimeter. There shouldn’t be any continuous electrical charge.

Step 11: Now take out the screws which secure the wires in the electrical box.

Step 12: Remove the nut which secures the cable in the electrical box.

Step 13: Now remove the cable from the electrical box.

Step 14: Get someone to assist you in pulling out the oven from the cabinet.

Step 15: There will be a vent in the back wall of the cabinet with a tube connected to it. Remove the tube.

Step 16: Stuff the hole with some fiberglass.

Step 17: Push the cable back into the electrical box and hold it in place with the nut and washer.

Step 18: Screw the box on the back wall of the cabinet.

Step 19: Prepare your new oven for installation.

Step 20: There should be a hole in the electrical box to put the new oven conduit cable in. If there isn’t a hole, you will need to make one.

Step 21: Push the conduit cable into the hole and hold it in place with a lock nut.

Step 22: Lift the new oven up and push it into the cabinet opening.

Step 23: Match the wires of the oven to the other ones in the electrical box.

Step 24: Secure them together using wire nuts.

Step 25: Return the cover of the electrical box and secure it with the screws.

Step 26: Switch the breaker on.

If this installation process is too complicated for you, it would be best to call someone to do it for you.

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Watch the video below for a visual of how to remove and install a wall oven.

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How To Install A Double Wall Oven

Before you start installing your oven, refer to the manual. Click here if you would like a double wall oven installation manual. To install a double wall oven, follow these steps…

Step 1: The recommended cabinet width is 28 1/2 inches, a height of 50 1/4 inches, and a depth of 24 inches. Make sure the measurements of the cabinet are right. The recommended electrical supply is 240V at 60Hz.

Step 2: Place the double wall oven on a piece of cardboard to prevent it from damaging the floor.

Step 3: Take out the racks in the oven and any other pieces in it.

Step 4: Open the door of the top oven.

Step 5: Flip back the hinge locks on the door.

Step 6: Push the door till it’s almost closed then lift it off and set it aside.

Step 7: Do the same thing with the lower oven door.

Step 8: If the height of the cabinet is more than the recommended one, you will need to attach the oven feet. These parts should be provided with the appliance.

Step 9: Carefully tilt the oven to rest on its back. Make sure it rests on a blanket.

Step 10: Attach the feet to the bottom of the oven and hold them in place with the screws.

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Step 11: Turn the oven back to its upright position.

Step 12: Push the oven till it’s close to the cabinet.

Step 13: Turn off the circuit breaker for the oven junction box.

Step 14: Remove the cover of the junction box.

Step 15: Use a CSA approved conduit connector to connect the oven cable to the junction box. Make sure that the conduit cable is half a diameter.

Step 16: Tighten the conduit screws.

Step 17: Match each wire of the same color and hold them together with wire nuts.

Step 18: Return the cover of the junction box and secure it with the screws.

Step 19: Get an assistant to help you lift the double wall oven into the cabinet.

Step 20: Peel off the pieces of tape on the sides of the oven.

Step 21: Push the oven into the cabinet properly.

Step 22: Drill holes in the cabinet sides to secure the oven to it. The round holes in the oven side will indicate where to drill into.

Step 23: Align the side trims of the oven and secure it to the cabinet using the provided screws.

Step 24: Position the oven bottom vent and hold it in place with the screws.

Step 25: Return the racks to the oven.

Step 26: Lift up the upper oven door and position it.

Step 27: Carefully lower the door down the then flip the hinge locks back to their original position to secure.

Step 28: Follow this same process for the lower oven door.

Step 29: Switch the circuit breaker back on.

If this process for installing a double wall oven is too complicated, call someone else to do it for you.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to install a double wall oven.

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